Why You Should Never fight Grace

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Thanks for checking back on the page. I appreciate. Still on the subject of grace. In this piece, I will like to share what I learned from a man endowed with graces. He told us how he received some graces. What an eye-opener! This is why I am sharing reasons not to fight grace.

His name is Pastor Dr. Olumide Emmanuel. He was our guest minister in January. It was a great weekend. One of those things he spoke about that I can’t take for granted is how he became a carrier of some graces. If this were to be a computer program, many people will tag this as a hack into graces.

Grace is the measure of abilities and capacities God releases over life, family, or a nation. It is usually in a particular area. So, you find a friend who can sing so well, it’s the grace operating in that person’s life. I have a friend by the name of Sandra who can sing so well. To the glory of God, she can move from songs to songs conveniently. That’s Grace.

Some people may have multiple of it. These are people we refer to as multi-talented people. You may see someone who can sing, act, draw, etc. Even you may be one of those. Your graces indicate the grounds you need to cover. So, if you are multi-talented, there are grounds you need to cover with those graces. Remember the parable of the talents in Matthew 25? Check it out here.

There is a terrible thing I have seen under the sun. I have seen men fighting graces upon another man’s life. That’s a battle you can’t win and a waste of time. It shows already that you don’t know who are and you are wasting away. Fighting graces is tantamount to fighting God because God gives graces and not men. You can’t win.

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Apart from the fact that you are fighting God every time you fight graces, there are several other reasons you shouldn’t even think about fighting graces in people’s lives. If you are busy with God’s work or assignment over your life, it will never enter your mind to fight anyone glowing with the grace given unto him or her. You must have lost who you are to fight that kind of fight and you can’t find yourself through the fight.

Everyone has grace no matter how small. You are a carrier of a grace you are yet to know so instead of fighting graces upon another man’s life, concentrate your zeal and energy on finding yours. If you think the person is becoming too great, that’s what you will become too when you find and operate the grace of God upon your life. If you fight another man’s greatness, you shut the door to yours.

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