You Don’t Need New Year Resolution For 2020

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Its a season of the year when everyone usually comes with a list of new year resolutions. It is usually a list of actions that will be discontinued in the coming year. What if I tell you that you dont need new year resolution for 2020. Thats not the way to go. If you have been thinking about doing a list, please stop. There is a better way to it.

We live in a different era and it is twice important that you understand the time and seasons you are living in if success must be attained. New year resolution was the way to go about 5-10 years ago. In this season, the only way to progress is to work with goals. So instead of writing a new year resolution list, set goals for the year 2020.

Here is what goal setting will do for you. It will place you in control of your time and determine what you will do per time. If you follow it well enough, it will determine where you need to be per time. So, what else do you want to achieve with a new year resolution list that goal setting will not do for you. It will even do more because it will definitely change your level.

Three Important Things About Goal Setting

As we plan to enter the year 2020, it is extremely important to have goals on what you want to achieve. Don’t just go into the year without goals. You must be able to set goals for all the areas of your life. That’s how to get busy for success. That’s how to change your life for better.

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As far as goal setting is concerned, you must have a document where it is well written. Don’t be carried away with the deceit of having all the plans and goals offhand. As someone rightly said, goals must be written down. It must be placed where you can see it on a daily basis to track your success and keep your focus. You may read on goal setting here. Here are three things to work with when setting goals;


Goals must be expressed or written in quantifiable terms. Use percentages and numbers to define what you want to achieve or get done. This is very important, that’s how you know much you are getting done.


Goals must be set with timelines. Set goals must be time bound. It must have what you want to achieve by a particular time or how long a project must take. Put a date to the goals, that’s how you put yourself to work.


This is a way to see how far and how well you are doing on the set goals. Evaluation is important as it enables you to see a lot of things such as resources allocation and usage. For a comprehensive understanding on evaluation click here

This is still in preparation for a great 2020. I already mentioned in one of the previous articles earlier this year that success sits on structures. This is how to create structures for the year 2020 success. See you in the next piece on this series.

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