Where Are The True Prophets Of God?

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In the last few days, a question has been running through my mind. I find it very reluctant to ask because of the nature of the question. It’s partly because of the current pandemic situation across the globe, especially in my country. Where are the true Prophets of God? The things I am seeing in the body of Christ pose this question. At this point, I feel it’s going to be too much of a disservice to Christianity if I never ask the question.

Where Are The True Prophets Of God?

I am not asking the question because I want to sound like an unbeliever as some May infer. And it doesn’t really matter if you answer me or send me an email to answer the question. What matters most is that we all stand for God. This time is one of the crucial times we can’t afford to let God down. If we are not careful, we may lose true Christianity and the next generation of Christian may never know the true Jesus. So, I ask, where are the true prophets of God?

Today, the discussion centers on the prophets and the prophetic office. I had earlier written to Pastors and challenged them to contend for the faith. Right now, it’s about the much-respected office of the prophet. Sadly, it is also the most abused ministerial office. The most sort after and controversial ministry gift. I have a concern which saddens my heart ever since lockdown started.

The Emergence Of Prophets

In the last few weeks, social media has witnessed a lot of young and old people parading themselves as prophets. There are so many declarations upon people’s lives with different programs. I listened to one of them recently, he was calling names with the problem. Another was talking about the car he is believing God for. All I could ask is, where are the true prophets of God? I wonder why non of them is talking about the mind of God on the situation turning the country into disarray.

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Does that mean God is not saying anything about the issue of coronavirus? Does it mean God has no word for the deliverance of His people? I don’t think so. Even if you are not granted voice over the nations, what about the country in which you live. Isaiah 59:19 says ..when the enemy comes like a flood, the spirit of God will lift up a standard against him. That standard is prophetic. Through the prophetic, we can download the wisdom of God on a certain matter. So, where are the prophets?

Are we having prophets who can only see bloodshed, witches, problems, danger, etc? But they can’t peep into eternity to capture the solution on this issue. It saddens my heart that no one is talking about divine perspective. Is this not one such moment that the prophets will disappear from view to seek God’s face on the issue and then bring the word of deliverance back to the people? All we are seeing is a show of visions on social media. God won’t be silent for this long and allow distress for this long.

Let True Prophets of God Emerge

Stop calling out names and diseases. Stop asking for seeds sowing. Stop all the make-believe prophecies. This time is crucial. Go back to God and bring back His word for us in the current season. If you’re a prophet, I challenge you to take up the responsibility to seek out God’s word for us. Why are you a prophet if you can’t seek out divine guidance on the issue affecting everyone? By now, I thought some prophets would have gathered to seek out the mind of God and bring us word.

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I am not saying all the prophets are fake or that they’re not hearing from God. The primary duty of a prophet is intercession and his first loyalty is to God. If prophets have been praying for the course of the pandemic ever since it started, by now I am certain they should have brought us word. God did wonders in Egypt so that Pharaoh can let His people go and worship Him. How many more worship centers lockdown for two months now and still counting. Prophets, this is when the body of Christ needs you to pray. Arise and take your rightful positions.

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