What You Should Be Doing During This Lockdown

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Last week, in the piece titled “Is your mind on lockdown?” I discussed a few things about this season and what your response should be. If you have not read it, please go here to check it out. This is the continuation as promised.

During this time of lockdown, it is very easy to be frustrated, lazy, and unfocused. Some people combined these three together but none of them is good not even at this time. Now that you have the opportunity to control all you do for 24 hours a day in, day out it must be used for something worthwhile. So, if you’re lazy, frustrated, or unfocused, it is because you choose to be. The lockdown is not peculiar to you, we all are in it.

There are a number of things you should be doing right now. They’re good for you not just because you have the time but you actually need them to survive during and after coronavirus lockdown. Times may be hard during the lockdown and shortly after the lockdown and you’re there lazing around with no plan ahead. So here are things you should be doing based on your kind of person.

Move Closer To God

This will always be my number one recommendation for anyone who truly desires to survive the lockdown and make exploits after lockdown. This is because true you can only be discovered and maximized through a good relationship with God. And if you really want strategies that will make you, you need to go find God. That’s how true men are made. People don’t make men, only God does. Now you have all the time in the world to find Him. Find Him.

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Read Books

There is no better time to read than now when you are actually free. Learn new things, know new things. Fela Durotoye said the more you learn, the more you earn. There is absolutely nothing that you will like to know that is not in print or e-print. Some of you that have always been giving excuses for not reading, there should be no excuse now if you really want the knowledge. Start reading now to add value to yourself. After the lockdown, it won’t be business as usual, it will be a value transaction. I hope you will acquire some before time.

Do Online Courses

This is the best time to do some courses online. Widen your knowledge about your profession and if you want to change career, this is time to do several courses in that career path. There are a lot of free courses online and you can as well do paid courses. Use your phone and laptops, get busy now. Search online for free courses if you can’t pay. There are individuals even offering courses either very cheap or free. This is the time we will know if you are really serious.

Write A Book

Well if you have a story to tell or a concept to teach, please write a book if you can. Don’t let this time pass without doing something meaningful. So, if you have been longing to write one or put a finishing touch on the ones you have written like me, now is the time. Even if you have not written before, there is always a start and it won’t be a bad idea if you pick this from this lockdown.

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Own A Blog

Don’t just sit waiting for the lockdown to be over, open a blog on what you love to talk about. If you can write an article or do a video presentation, you should be a blogger or vlogger. For those that are really passionate about writing, you may consider building a blog. It is not actually expensive to set up. You can even monetize it and earn from it. There is training for people who will like to set up a blog for themselves, click on the training banner to register.

Update Your CV And Apply

If you are tired of your current job, this is an opportunity to take a break, update your CV and apply for the job that suits you. There are still vacancies in companies, I see them every day. It’s not a bad idea if this lockdown takes you to your dream job or something better. You just need to be proactive. It is sure that interviews will be conducted online which means that you can be anywhere and it is also possible to do more than two interviews in a day. Act now!

Make Money Online

By now I am sure you must have realized that we are actually spending more in this lockdown. If you don’t intend to be poor, you must think of ways to refill the money you spend. In this case, online income generation is the only option. So, own a blog, start a YouTube channel, be a vlogger, start freelance work or take your business online. Think about which one of them is realistic for you. Acquire the know-how if you are a novice or beginner. Just ensure you earn legitimately.

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Well, there are lots of things you could be doing right now in this lockdown, these are just a few to open you up and get you to start something. If this blesses you, kindly comment below and also share with loved ones. I hope you will check back for more.

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