What You Need Most In 2020

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The year 2020, the much awaited year and the beginning of a new decade has begun already. For some its still the same old ways, nothing changed. For some other, it’s a new year with new activities and all. Irrespective of your path, we are already in the year and if there will ever be success or a remarkable turn around it depends on you.

What You Need Most In 2020

It Depends On You

Yes you read that right, it depends on you. All the input depends on you and the outputs depends on the inputs. And that’s why i mentioned that it depends on you. You are control in the events of life and if it will ever turn out great, you must position yourself well in the direction in which you wish to succeed. You need to be deliberate about your actions and inaction if success must be achieved.

What You Need Most In 2020

I Know God spoke several things about the year 2020. In December 2019, I Shared things God told me about this new year. God has intentions to do great things among his people and i keep saying one important key to open great doors in this year is FAITH. It seems lots of people forget that when God is set to move, Satan doesn’t go to sleep. In my jotter, I wrote it down when the Holy spirit told me that Satan is well prepared for 2020, so much that he combined all his wicked programs in the last three years for this year. If you are sensitive in the spirit, you will see lots of things happening already. The Killings, disease outbreaks, deceits, suicides, mystery deaths, fire outbreaks, assassinations are not just happening, they are spiritual statements.

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So, whether or not you will be affected by these satanic schemes depends on you. I know you are asking if the people that were affected by these satanic schemes chose any of these things. Well, in a way they did. This is because we all have the choice to make whether to serve to God or Devil. If you are not connected to God, then you are glued to Satan. I already emphasize that this year 2020, there will be a major difference between those serving God and the enemies of God. You need God if this year must be great and for you to finish the year strong. So arise and close the gap between you and God. God is the only advantage you have in the year 2020.

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