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What Have You Done With Your Work?

It’s been a while since I sent you a note. That’s because I have been busy with a few programs and setting the pace to get our Bible School running. Today, it is in my spirit to ask you a question, “what have you done with your work?” Before you conclude or answer the question in a haste, please read through till the end.

What Have You Done With Your Work_

Seeing this topic, it will surprise you that I am asking about your work. You know I have always sent you kingdom-related pieces and messages. So, you are trying to see where your work fits in. Well, I am asking about your work and not your job. There is a huge difference between this two. I think it is pertinent to begin from there first.

Difference Between Work And Job

We do not have the luxury of time to write extensively on these two concepts separately. So, the best way is to explain a few differences that exist between the two. Once you understand this, then you will be able to answer the above question appropriately. Let’s take a look at two major differences between work and job.

Job is any employment agreement you undertake that pays you wages or salary as the case may be while work is whatever God has ordained you to do as your contribution to the growth of the kingdom. So, your job may be customer service while your work may be an intercessor. Daniel was a civil servant as a job in his days but he was a prophet. My question to you now is, what is your work?

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Another important difference that is worth knowing is that a job pays you wages or salary as a way to compensate for your effort, knowledge, and skills. Work is a bit different, work pays your reward for whatever you do for the kingdom. In the kingdom, what determines whether you will be rewarded or not is the heart with which you do the work. Only God has the scale to determine the level of the reward. 

Where Work And Job Streamline

There are few people that have their job and work in the same place. In other words, they may be employed in a system as staff but that is where God actually sent them. This is a great one if you have the opportunity. If we all are awake and kingdom conscious, there should be no system or parastatal that will have a kingdom representative who will ensure the kingdom of God rules in that establishment.

So, you may be working in a company now, have you asked God for the kingdom agenda you are supposed to be pushing in that company? Oh, maybe you think you are there just to earn a salary. You are joking, and you have not woken up yet. God did not allow you to get that job for just salary’s sake. Wake up to your duty if you are not already there. 

What Have You Done With Your Work_

Action Point

Your number one action point is to go to God in prayer with the whole of your heart and seek out your path on this planet. Everything you want in life is embedded in that path which is your work. You want relevance, money, fame, authority, power, etc. They are all in the work. Once you begin to do your work with the whole of your heart, everything will locate you in due time. That is what Matthew 6:33 means.

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It is time to think beyond the salary. Even if you are looking for a job, it should be the one that will help you to do your work. It is also possible that you are not getting a job because you are looking for it in the wrong places. Find out what your work is in prayer and stick to it. Please stay tuned for the second part of this piece.