What Businesses Should Be Doing During This Lockdown

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In the last piece about the lockdown, I discussed the things that individuals should be doing during this lockdown. In this piece, we will be looking at the line of action for businesses at this point in time. Both individuals and Businesses are in strange times and such also requires strange tactics if such will emerge victoriously.

Understand The Effects

The impact of the lockdown on the various Businesses has been felt all over the world. This effect has been extremely negative on Businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industry while the essential services like health and security sectors have been overworked. So, every business is feeling the pain.

It is to be noted that even individuals who are entrepreneurs have lost out their capital why staying at home as they need to keep up with home expenses. Some SMEs have died during the lockdown. As these Businesses are losing out, individuals are losing their jobs. So everybody is involved.

An Advice For Business Owners

In the last few weeks, we all have learned a great lesson that people can adapt within a very short period of time. People who hated the internet now use it so well. Before the advent of COVID19, I once came to the conclusion that a time will come when we will need data for everything. I didn’t know it will come so fast. Now, data is life truly.

Dear Business Owners, what is stopping your business from going online? All your customers are already online, take your business to them there. If you fail to do, other smart entrepreneurs/CEOs will take your customers. And you can join several businesses that have died. Go back to the drawing board and develop strategies and structures to put your business online.

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There’s no excuse for your business not to be online. There’s no business that cannot be online. As a matter of fact, everyone is online now so all your customers and prospects are online. Irrespective of the kind of business you are doing, you have a space online. Do a small exercise, type the kind of business you think cannot be online, and see for yourself how they are conceptualized.

Boundless Opportunities

The good news is that it doesn’t take a fortune to put your business online. At least, when you compare your setup fee with proceeds you can generate even in minutes, you will be surprised. The money has left the streets, it is now online and you need to be online to take your part of the money. The rules of business are changing and you must adapt if you intend to be successful in business.

Think about the millions of people online. The zoom app maker grew to be a billionaire overnight because the app is been used by all and sundry for meetings now. That’s how it is to make money online. You can generate more leads and sales in minutes than you will ever generate in months using the old physical business interactions. You need to wise up now and don’t be left out. If you are thinking of coming out of this season richer, this is what you should be thinking about.

If you will like to be assisted on how to place your business online, shoot me an e-mail via info@adeyemibello.xyz

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To be continued…

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