What Business Should Be Doing During This Lockdown (3)

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I will like to appreciate everyone that has been following this series. Thank you for the feedbacks and encouragement so far. If you are reading this piece as your first in the series, I will advise you take time to read the previous ones. Also endeavor to share with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Unusual Plans And Modules Operandi

Although there are lots of things businesses should be doing right now. I may not really have the luxury of time to share all on this platform. These ones I have been sharing are somewhat the basics. There are quite a number of things that still need to be reviewed or removed. All, I am saying is that we live in new era brought by COVID19 and Businesses that will survive and stand strong must device a new modules operandi that will accommodate the change. Don’t try to live by the old rules, it is no longer business as usual. Business has become unusual, create unusual plans and modules operandi.

Don’t Lose Focus On Future And Growth

Another important factor to lookout for in the new modules operandi is that it must not only have capacity to accommodate the change but it must be able to birth new business growth and expansion with time. There must be growth and expansion in view over a period of time. If you are not thinking about that, you are not a seasoned manager. Create plans and operation procedures that can save the current time and deliver the future. That’s the way of exceptional leaders and valuable businesses.

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Time To Explore Other Areas

This is time for businesses to explore other areas of their businesses that can help them deliver and remain in business. For instance, in the last few weeks, we have seen call centers transform to contact centers exploring other channels to reach and engage customers. Some businesses have had to include logistics and delivery in their business operations. Managers should be thinking deeper this time.

Train And Reassign

It’s no doubt that some people’s work have either become less impactful or no impact on the business at all. Seasoned managers should be able reassign such individuals. At least, if the business makes exploit into other areas, all you need is to train them and reassign them. That way, their jobs are not taking and the business keeps growing. Not only that, businesses should be redeploying staff to units or departments with less headcount but more activities.

Time For More Partnerships

It is obvious that this period will definitely call for more partnerships for businesses to remain in operation. For instance, businesses who find it difficult to manage delivery can engage logistics outfit in partnership. Businesses need to be online more than ever, they can engage I.T businesses and those who find it hard to manage their customers can reach out customer service BPOs. This will help them focus on the things they know how to do. 

While there are more things to talk about in this series, I feel its a convenient point to bring it to a close. I believe every manager can factor out what to do from these series. That’s why they were employed. If you need further assistance on in your business, you may reach out for consultancy. Shoot me an email info@adeyemibello.xyz

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