What Apostle Paul Calls Love

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The greatest Apostle that ever lived after Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul gave us insight into many things. He received many deep revelations scattered in the Pauline epistles. Some are still been debated today while many have been yielded to. One of such deep revelations is on love. So what exactly did he call love? Kindly read to the end to discover what Apostle Paul calls love.

In line with Pauline’s epistles, a general place to visit where he discussed love extensively is the love chapter of the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13. The love we are discussing here is not the one you talk about with the opposite sex. Even the great Apostle wasn’t talking about that. For us to be on the same page, read this piece first.

Because of time, we shall take a look at the first three verses of the chapter. These verses show much more than a mere love significance. It drives out to know that love is much more than the things we were taught or know what love to be. This is why a closer look at this whole chapter is needed especially with the happenings around the world.

So, the great Apostle knew the importance of speaking in tongues and diverse tongues with the possibilities that are embedded in these gifts. He says without love, it’s nothing. These gifts are spiritual realities that can be used to do a lot of things such as accessing mysteries, communion with the father, inspiration, etc. Yet, Paul says without love it’s nothing. So, you see love is deeper than you think.

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He went on to add four great gifts in verse two and declares that without love, he is nothing. Notice the gifts mentioned. The gifts of prophecy, understanding all mysteries, having all knowledge, and the gift of faith. What a combination! If any man works in these four gifts, I am sure men will be worshipping him as their god. Yet, Paul says without love in the equation, such a person is nothing.

Pay attention to these two verses carefully. In the first, Paul says he becomes like sounding brass meaning you will still see him with those dimensions of gifts but without love, there will no results for what he is doing with those powerful gifts. Those are instruments of power in the hand of a dead man. This is why we have so many of God but there is no evident change in our world. There are too many dead people in place of power. They are dead because there is no love gushing out of their bowels.

In verse two, the case is a bit different. The set of gifts there can make anyone a god with visible subjects all over. Paul chooses a different set of words to describe anyone having those powerful gifts without love, He says they are nothing. Jesus! You mean someone who knows all mysteries, has all knowledge, has great faith and prophecy is nothing just because he doesn’t love? Friends, love is deeper than you think.

The greatest shock of it is in verse 3, Paul says if anyone gives all he has to feed the poor, surrenders himself to be burnt for people but without love. This means that these things can be done without love even though these things are supposed to be born out of love. I love what Paul says here, he says there is no reward. This is particularly for those doing transactions calling it love.

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At this point, love is deeper than just mere giving. It affects the whole of our both spiritually and physically whether done right or wrong. We all are being of love whether you choose to live it or not is the issue. Join me in the next piece to unravel what Apostle Paul calls love. Till then, keep tracking the revelations of love. Comment your thoughts here and share this piece with loved ones.