Uriah Was Great But…

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Uriah was one of David’s mighty men in his days. He was the lawful husband of a woman called Bathsheba whom David stole from him. He was an epitome of loyalty, strength and focus. A man like Uriah is really scarce in our days. Uriah was really an asset to his nation in his days but there were few things that marred him and cut his life short. He was great but…

There were no much record of this man in the Bible but the few that was recorded in 2 Samuel 11 says volume. His story teaches a number of things. One of them is that you need more than loyalty, strength and focus to live long. Long life is what everyone desires there is a major deficiency in his life that handed him over to untimely death. 

If you want to know who a man is truly, search for his what he cries, smiles and care about. For Uriah we was a devoted man. His devotion can be traced to four (things) which control his reasoning and actions. This is revealed in 2 Samuel 11:11, a very powerful verse. This is where we got his real identity and intentions from. 

It was in that verse David got the shock of his of life. He brought a man from war front to come and rest and use that to have a good time with his wife. Uriah declined the offer. He was right, not all rest or offers are with good intentions. Uriah couldn’t discern the moment, he was completely consumed by the heat of the battle and the need to deliver. Friends, you might serve wholeheartedly but its not a guarantee that you will last.

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Uriah Was Great But Insensitive

Just imagine he was able to discern what’s behind the free rest. He would have lived longer. At the battle front, lots of things may not be fair but they can happen. That’s why you need to arm yourself beyond the knowledge of how to fight. That’s the only thing Uriah brought to the table. It’s good way to display your proficiency and loyalty to the course but that’s not how to last.

Yes, the verse shows he loved God, devoured to service and loyal to his Boss. One thing Uriah did not work with is spirituality. Uriah worked like an average person works in their workplace today. They feel its just business as usual. How did he carried his death letter in his hand without discerning it? How did David smiled at him and he didn’t discern the wickedness in smiles?

Is it not troubling that Uriah whose name means YAHWEH is my light didn’t see through the darkness of men? How did he missed out that great light of YAHWEH that should showed him the bad intent of David. He was supposed to be a custodian of the great light. We all need to learn from Uriah. If Uriah worked and walked with the great light of YAHWEH, he won’t die untimely.

Friends, as Christians the Holy spirit is the only advantage we have in this evil disguised world. You have got to partner with the holy spirit because sometimes, a discerned evil maybe the reason you won’t live in bondage for the next 40 years. It may as well be the difference between life and death. Uriah was a great man but he didn’t grow up spiritually. He lacked discernment. You can be like Uriah but don’t end up like he did.

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