Things You Need To Make The Year 2022 Great

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It’s with a joyous heart that I welcome you to the year 2022. The year 2021 was great but the year 2022 will be far greater in Jesus name. In the next few days, we shall be discussing things you need to make the year 2022 great. Don’t miss any of these series in the next seven days.

Pastor Funmi Durotoye has said 2022 was a great year. That’s a deep statement and I couldn’t agree less because that’s the reality for me. The greatness of the year 2022 is not debatable for me. Pastor Enoch Durotoye added more insight when he came adding that this year 2022 when he explained how sound energy produced light in Genesis.

Why am I sharing these things? It is because it’s about what I want to share. I was in a program on 24th December 2021, and as I led the congregation through a prayer section inspired by the Holy Spirit. I spoke a little about some inspiration I had about the year 2022 and how the children of God should position themselves. It is in line with what Pastor Enoch said.

I remember telling the congregation that as they go through this new year 2022, the first thing they need is that their mouth must not be shut. I explained that when God was working in Genesis, He was speaking. Therefore, speaking is the way to make things work this year. Your mouth should not be shut in prayer and for confessions.

I added that Jesus made it clear that we are gods and if God works by speaking then you too should do the speaking work often in the year 2022. Anything you want to change must be spoken to. If you are not speaking this year then you are doing yourself harm and even though the year is great, it depends on your input in words.

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As I picked my phone to write this piece, my wife just read to me about prophecies from different Pastors and she reminded me of what I said during the program. I said it is the direction of the spirit for the year 2022. If God is giving us a way to maximize the year, I think it is wise to follow the lead. I have more to share as we go through the series.

How To Do Your Speaking In The Year 2022

There are two major ways to do your speaking in the year 2022. And you should take this very seriously. Keep it in mind that you are a god and gods work by speaking. If you don’t speak what you want for your life, other gods will speak what they want for your life. That means you not speaking means you agree with whatever they want to happen in your life.


This year, you should not be silent. Silent mount equates to close destiny. Your altar must be burning with adequate fire this year. The fire is enough to quench every satanic and demonic plan. Whether you are in a congregation or praying alone, your mouth should not be silent. Be determined to have a good and active altar. Become a prayer warrior this year. Read more here


Your mouth is a weapon, use it well! When bad thoughts come, when news that you don’t agree with comes, what you should do is to confess what you want. When things don’t look like what you want, change it with your confession. Not just in words but with the whole of your heart. Keep confessing it until it happens. That is your work this year.

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We shall continue the things you need to make the year 2022 great tomorrow. Make sure you log on to this page to read through. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section. It is my prayer that this year will be great indeed for us all. See you tomorrow on this page.