Things You Need To Make 2020 Great

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Thank you for joining us in this series of what you need to make the year 2020 great. I am excited to welcome you to the series. whether you log on to this page yourself or someone shared this piece with you, as long as you have opened have opened it to read through, it tells me you are interested in making 2020 great. This is no doubt, the right page to be.

First, it is important to note that the content of these series are specifically for the year 2020. I will strongly advice that you don’t only read them to get head knowledge, you  need to put them into use. That’s the only way it can be beneficial. There was a piece I wrote sometimes ago on things you need to start doing differently. A lot of people have requested for part 2, here is one. It is just that it caters more for making the year 2020 better. So, it came with specific instruction for the year.

One of the greatest mistakes anyone can make is to stroll into 2020 as though it is just another year. It is imperative to note that the year 2020 is a serious one and it is important to both God and Satan. There will be major move of God in the lives of individuals especially in the finances. There will be several turn around both for good and bad. This is because satanic agenda for the year 2020 is grievous much more than his activities for the last three years combined.

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The year 2020 will be a year full of surprises. Lots of surprises will come up in the life of persons and nations across the world. There will be turn out of events that will really be surprising which be changing people’s status especially people working with God wholeheartedly. So let those serving God wholeheartedly continue, year 2020 will be a very rewarding year. And for those that have been up and down with God, it will really be a sorry case. 
To be continued…

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