Things You Need To Make 2020 Great 3

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In furtherance of our discussion about the year 2020 and the things you need to do to make it a great year, I will be discussing five wonderful keys to greatness in the year 2020. If you really mean to be successful in year 2020, then you will need to take this piece serious. See it beyond getting information, you need to work with it prayerfully.

The Power Of Thoughts

The year 2020 is great year that will be filled with lots of life changing ideas. A lot of these ideas will slip into your thoughts. This means that you cant afford to disregard the ideas that will be flowing into your heart in the year 2020. These ideas are really seeds of your greatness. Take it seriously.

Action Is Needed

You cant afford to live year 2020 without putting your ideas to test. In 2020, don’t let yourself be trapped in the ”waiting for a better time to execute the idea” dungeon. Once you get an idea, start by getting all the information you need about it. Meet people, research, ask questions and get your facts about the idea. Work on the needed resources and get something done.

Gear Up Your Faith

One of the reasons people waste ideas is because of resources to execute them. This is where your faith and connection with God comes in. If God is giving you an idea, He has taken care of everything. He only need you to act in that capacity to be able to experience it. If you tarry long enough with Him on that idea, He will bring all resources to your disposal as you need them per stage.

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Get Closer To God Intentionally

Friends, if you really intend to be successful, it has to be with God or god. I strongly advise you pursue success with God. That’s the one that give true success without sorrow. He is the Alpha and Omega at the same time. God is the only one that can walk and work you through to succeed because He is the beginning and the end of everything. Create plans that get you intimate with God.

Be Teachable

In the year 2020, you need to position yourself to be teachable. This is key because you will need to learn new things to attani new new levels. God will take you through series people and stages to acquire new skills. Even for your ideas that to come to manifestation, you need to learn a lot of things. Prepare yourself to be teachable.

I really want to appreciate you for following these series. Tomorrow, we will be ending this piece. It is my prayer that you have a rewarding and prosperous year in 2020. Please share with love ones, help them to prepare for a glorious 2020.

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