There Is No Other Way

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Almost everything in life has options or substitute in the way they are done. Those without options, we find a substitute for them and vice versa. Well, not all things can be done that way. And whatever can be not improvised or substituted require our attention since it can only be done in just one way. It means there is no other way for it

There Is No Other Way

It Began With Adam And Eve

It happens that the first man named Adam missed it by yielding to the demand of Satan through the serpent. In Genesis 3, they lost everything they had on the account of the glory of God upon them. They lost it to Satan. They were sent out of God’s garden, a place of rest and glory. They were left to fend for themselves and to suffer the consequences of the curse on their lives.

So, Adam knew his wife and gave birth to his first son in the image of his fallen state. In his corrupted version came his sons. And that’s where the problem is. He was created in the image of God but he lost that when he rebelled against God’s control. His sons and daughters are in his image. That’s how Adam pioneered a life without the glory of God for all till these days.

God’s Way Of Escape

God in His infinite wisdom already had an escape to redeem man and His son was offered as a means of sacrifice. To satisfy the scale of judgment, He must need to be born and pass through all man goes through before He can lay down His life. Isaiah 53 gives an explicit detail about His sufferings and the resultant effect. Through that, He became the first Adam. The very first complete man.

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Being the first complete man, Jesus became the access to God. He became our mediator the only path to reach God to obtain the life that we would have inherited if Adam didn’t fall. So, the only way to have the glory restored and be a true image of God is to contact it from the one who sacrificed Himself to bring it back to us. There is no other way to do it. He was humiliated, beaten, and killed to restore the life of God back to us.

There Is No Other Way

But not so fast, the only way to partake in it is to acknowledge you are a sinner, repent and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. This means that all that it will cost you is your sin and your life. You will have to lay your sins at His feet at the cross and then give Him your life to direct going forward. He gave all to restore the life of God back to us, you can’t have it without giving all.

Even for the angels that rebelled, God never spared them how much more humans that God intended to reflect His personality. Hebrew 2:3 as a pertinent question if there is an escape. The truth is, no escape for those who neglect the salvation God made available. The only way to avoid eternal suffering is to come to Jesus now. Come now while you still have the grace and time to before it’s too late.

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While there are millions of religions in the world, there are millions of deities and idols. There’s only one way to have eternal rest with God where you will have the opportunity to be like him back (1 John 3:2), it’s through Jesus Christ. I know you have heard this before and you are delaying your response but there’s no time anymore, it is now. Tomorrow might be too late. Repent now, surrender to Jesus now!

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