The Way Of Faith In Christianity

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It’s a great day and I trust that God has been good to you. I also hope you have been reciprocating the love of God back to Him and to humanity. God bless you real good. So, lets take a look at the way of faith in Christianity.

The Way Of Faith In Christianity

In the last 20 years in my country, Faith has consistently been a theme of discussion in Christianity. It is being preached and taught in almost all pulpit. In fact, there are ministries who says they are called to preach and teach Faith only. This means all Christians have something to say when it comes to the issue of Faith.

The Way Of Faith In Christianity

The problem here is that almost all preachers and teachers instruct their audience on how to use Faith to acquire material things and wealth. I know few ministries that have been consistently teaching this for years. This is an error and perversion of the gospel. They don’t teach Faith as a tool to grow in your work with God. The truth is that we are not saved so we can have money and be wealthy.

There is a reason for salvation. And there are several other benefits that will follow. Money and wealth are benefits that should follow if we are truly saved and we continue to stay in alignment with God who saved us. That’s what Matthew 6:33 teaches. Make God the primary goal and the blessings will come and not the other way round. If you are saved and not in alignment with God, Satan will help you to waste yourself.

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Faith is one of the tools for aligning with God. And I wonder why people profess Faith to a God they really don’t know and serve. Study Hebrew 11 very well, you will discover that the heroes of Faith mentioned there used their Faith to work with God and not to be obtaining cars, houses, money etc. Read verse 33 of that same Hebrew 11 and meditate on it.

The Use Of Faith In Christianity

Great men of Faith, conquered kingdoms, wrought righteousness and obtain the promise by Faith. Notice they were not doing that for their selfish interest. Read through the lives of the heroes of Faith, none did what he did for his fame, wealth etc. They all did what they did as service unto God. It means, God was the primary goal and at the center of their lives. Today, money, fame, connections is the center of all faith-like steps.

Faith is supposed to help you come in the alignment with God so that you can see things as God sees it. That’s Godliness. Also that when you see things in God’s way, you can live your life worthy of Him. That’s is righteousness. Once you sustain these two lifestyle, it means you will come to a point where your own ambition dies and you live for God. At that point, God provides as your need arises.

Today, what do you call Faith? And what are you using your Faith? To amass wealth for yourself or to align yourself to God? These are questions you need to answer in mind. If you have been using Faith for prosperity, you need to repent. Repent now and retrace your steps back to the Bible. It is a perversion of doctrine.

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Avoid The Way Of Perdition

Don’t let mammon possess you. If you travel for too long on that part, you may get to a point where God will not matter to you anymore. The only thing that will matter to you will be how much you can get. This is a different path to the one the heroes of Faith followed. It is a way of perdition. It is a way to empower mammon over your soul. Be careful! Follow the way of faith in Christianity. Read more about faith here.

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