The Substitute

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Substitute is anything used in place or instead of another thing. While it maybe wisdom to seek out substitute for a lot of things, it certainly not right to seek substitute for a number things especially when it has to with God’s directives and plans.

In this piece we will briefly take a look at why it is foolishness and an act of disobedience to seek substitute for God’s plan and directive. The truth is that the end of such actions always lead to had I known. So, save yourself from the painful sting of regret.

Abraham And Sarah Did Theirs

When God told Abraham that He would give him a child, God never told him how long he will wait. They waited until Sarah felt it wasn’t wisdom to wait anymore. So she made Abraham follow her substitute and the result of that is still being felt all over the world today. Pastor Peter Adeyemo once commented that if there is one regret Abraham have right now, it will be that he slept with his wife maid.

When you take a substitute for God’s plan or directive, you may not be harming yourself alone. It is possible that you may affect the generations coming after you. Think about it. It may take while and may even be painful, stick to His plan and directions, it always come out great. God’s knows how He rewards the pain and time. Just stay in course.

Avoid The Substitute

Satan will use people and thoughts to bring about urgency and show you different reasons why you need to take a substitute. Be careful. The path of substitute to God’s plan is highly costly one. Avoid the substitute by all means. Avoid Satan’s trap.

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It Is Still Noble To Wait

There is a great technology in waiting. Isaiah 40:31 shows us what the technology looks like. It means if you can wait on the Lord, God will collapse the time you think you have wasted while waiting. Waiting is still noble. In fact, it is the secret of great men. That’s why they are great. They wait until God respond. Don’t be in a rush to do whatever God want you to do, follow his plan.