The Seeds Of Death

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The very first man called Adam came as God intended but he neither continued nor end the way God intended. The problem began when he couldn’t continue the way God intended. Somewhere along the line he missed God. I pray you will not miss God in Jesus name. For Adam, seeds of death came and he lost the life of God.

The Seeds Of Death

God gave Adam life directly from His own nostrils and it was God’s intention that Adam would pass that life on. That his children will be a replica of Him who was the image of God. Unfortunately, Adam had been
corrupted by the seed of death before he gave birth to his first child. So instead of the child receive life from Adam, he got death.

The seed of death was what Satan came to sow when he came through the snake. He was successful because they allowed him in. He brought the same seed of death to Jesus in Matthew 4. Jesus was not ignorant of his vices.
Jesus won with the word of God. If Jesus had given in, imagine what would have been lost forever. Jesus rejected the seed of death that’s why He could order the path of salvation for all.

Satan’s Old Strategy

Today, Satan is going about with the seed of death seeking a fertile ground to grow it. Interestingly, once you give me a chance, the seed will grow. The idea is to block him. Don’t be ignorant like Adam and Eve. Satan’s
focus is on the big picture. Don’t give in. The fruit looked nice to eat, they didn’t know it was planting death into them. They didn’t know it will truncate God’s glorious plan for them. They didn’t know they would die to God and turn to a stranger to God.

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When Satan Plants The Seeds Of Death

When the pressure to go against God’s word comes so high, know that the old serpent has located you with some seeds of death. Anytime it becomes almost impossible to do what God demands, you are being offered some seeds of death. When the ways of God becomes too demanding for you and you are thinking of taking a bow to the world, you are about planting seed of death. When prayer, fasting and reading of Bible becomes tiring, the seeds of death are about to be planted.

How Satan Brings Seeds Of Death

He normally brings the seed of death through thoughts, suggestions and through other people. If you don’t want his seed of death to be planted, you will have to take a conscious effort. You must be intentional about it.
As a matter of fact, it’s going to be a radical step within yourself to monitor what is flowing into your mind. Take time to pray the prayer below;

Psalms 19:14
[14]Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be
acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

God will help us in Jesus name. (Amen)