The Seeds Has Messages For You

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Some years ago, I read an article about a fellow who wrote a great piece about the things in his room and lessons derived from each. It was a great piece and an eye-opener. I will be doing the same in this piece but this time, it’s about seeds. It suddenly occurred to me that the seed has messages for you and me. God has put everything in place for us. They all are silently sending messages to us to make us better. Many keep missing these messages because the messages are loud enough for those who can hear with their hearts.

If you have ever planted something or pass through agricultural classes at any point in time, then you will know what a seed means. Well, the seed is the part of food planted to reproduce the food. Plant whether edible or not has its seed. The thing about any plant in the world, it comes from a seed. Well, let this be the first lesson you pick from seeds that whatever you want to achieve or do has seed to be planted. Plants whether for food or design purposes must have their seed planted first. Whatever your dream is, if you don’t plant the seeds needed to yield that result, you may never achieve it.

Seeds Ensure Continuity

The plants we currently have all over the world are made available because of seeds. If the seeds of a particular plant are taken out of completely, you will eventually kill that plant and take away its existence. What this means is that if you stop fueling your passion, it will become your frustration. Irrespective of the size of the plant, its existence is made possible by the seed, the same way with your passion. Dreams don’t just come true without someone planting the seed and working it out to grow. You may see the big picture once but if you stop fueling it, it will fade away and you may never achieve it.

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Death To Life

Every seed must first die to become a tree that produces a flower. This again reiterates that the path to life is the path of death. The present you must die to accommodate the new you that has the capacity to carry the weight of glory you are looking up to. This is while Apostle Paul says he dies daily. Just as the seed has to die to give birth to life in a much better and plentiful way, so are you required. If the old you were fine to live the life of God, there wouldn’t be a need for salvation. Take the path Apostle Paul took to become the best of the Apostles. He died daily to align with the great vision.

Darkness To Light

It’s no news that no one likes darkness. Interestingly, the seed is made to enter into the darkness to become fruitful. The seeds are first buried to bring forth. The challenges you face or go through are not meant to kill you or make you less of a man, they are to bring the best in you. If you keep seeing the challenges as something to pull you down, then you will have that because as a man thinks so is he. If the seed can into darkness under the ground to bring forth beauty, life, and the survival of men, why can’t you go through the challenges to become the man God desires from inception?

These are some of the lessons you can learn from seed. There are more but if you take note of these lessons and put it to use in pursuing your goals, you will definitely achieve your dreams. So, you see that even in nature, God embedded so many messages and instructions in the things around us.

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