The Seeds: 6 Actionable Steps

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In the last few days, we have been looking at lessons from the seeds as they grow into plants. To complete this, it is wise for us to look at actionable steps from the lessons from the seeds. I believe it will enhance more realistic and action-oriented learning from the last two articles. If you are yet to read the last two articles, kindly go here to check them out.

You Have Seeds

The starting point is to know that you have seeds. Yes, you have seeds! Whatever you want to achieve or become can only be possible through the planting of seeds. Dreams do not just come true without a successful seed planting. Everyone who became great or successful at one thing or the other became visible to all after their seeds yielded plants giving fruits that showed their long-term investment. No matter how poor you think you are, you have seeds. This is why the poor or the disadvantaged are also excelling.

Identify Your Seeds

Now that we have established the fact that you have seeds, the question you are likely asking is what are my seeds? If that’s your question, it’s a good one. Your seeds comprise everything you need to achieve your goals or become great. Different goals require different seeds to grow them out, no one wants an orange and then grows mango seeds. Your goals will determine the seeds. One seed we all have is time and that is a critical factor in achieving goals. Other seeds may include money, relationships, knowledge, etc.

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Plant The Seeds

Now that you know some of the seeds you have, take an inventory of those relevant to the goals you want to achieve. After this, do an honest appraisal for yourself, ask yourself what you have been doing with these seeds. Please plant your seeds! A lot of people have great dreams and aspirations but they never do anything to bring it to pass. If you are one of them, you are not planting your seeds. Please plant seeds so that you can have a harvest.

Two Options

Interestingly, for those not getting the desired results, there are other two options. Two possible things might have been happening before now- you are either wasting the seeds or planting them in the wrong soil. Either of these options will never get you the result you desire. If you are going to get enviable desired results, you won’t just plant the seeds anyhow. Greats results require great insight into seed planting. How much do you know about the goals you want to achieve?

The Quality of Seeds

If you seek to get an outstanding fruit from your harvest, you must plant quality seeds. If you have great insights, good soil but bad seeds, you will never get a great harvest. The quality of your seeds determines the quality of your fruits in the harvest. Some people want to achieve a great feat that they are not committed to, that’s child’s play. Before you plant the seeds, check the quality and find out for yourself if the quality can produce the harvest you want. If not, go back and prepare a quality seed.

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Your Seeds Need You

When you plant your need, you must nurture it if you want it to grow. Planting a quality seed in great soil doesn’t guarantee a bountiful harvest. It must be nurtured because pests, weeds, etc can be a threat. For instance, what is the importance of registering for a course you won’t attend or establishing a relationship that you don’t intend to nurture? It is simply a waste of seed even if those people or course were to be pivotal to the achievement of that goal.

There are more actionable steps from the lessons from the seeds. I do hope you have found the above-discussed points enlightening. Let’s hear from you in the comment section. Please share with loved ones across social media platforms. Check out some of my ebooks here. Thank you for your time.

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