The Secret Of Life

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Some years back, I was writing my speech for leadership training. As 

a meditation on the principles of leadership and life success, I came to 

realize one simple truth. I called it the secret of life. And I 

taught it passionately and also engaged in it as much as I could.

Years after that realization, I was privileged to be teaching in 

Theological School and by inspiration I entered into the corridors of 

the same topic. Then it was clear to me why that same thing is the 

secret of life. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to some basic truths in 

the Bible and I am amazed.

The Secret Of Life

What I am talking about is well known by all even though not everyone 

understands it. It is called prayer. While this is still a mystery to the 

most learned of us all, it is the house of true power. If anyone wants 

true power, such must have a lifestyle of prayer. Yes, it has to be a 

life of prayer.

While there are many things to discuss prayer, like how to make 

it potent, how it should be done, how answers come, who should pray, to 

who is the prayer offered, how often should we pray, how long should 

we pray etc. I am particular about just one thing in this piece and 

that is just to discuss why it is the secret of life.

In Luke 18, the master Himself encapsulates one of the truths of life in a 

parable and the parable explains that men ought to pray always. That 

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means if we are not praying all the time, we are not living as God 

wants. It means that our default mode as men is to pray all the time. 

It further means, that if we want to identify men, one thing to 

consider is if he is praying all the time.

Now, if you follow that parable you will find out it was through the 

continuous prayer of the widow that her advisory was avenged. That 

means the way that God ordained for us to achieve and get things done 

is via prayer. Even though the king didn’t want to and it wasn’t in 

his thought to attend to the issue he said because of her 

continuous coming. This explains while it is the secret of life. 

That’s how great men get things done.

I once watched one of the jingles of Daystar. It explains that the 

power of your prayer is inconsistent. Remember 1Thessalonians 

5:17 says, pray without ceasing. Friends, we have been sentenced to a 

life of prayer, any other life you live outside this is not of God. I 

will also like to end this piece with 1 Peter 4:7 which says the end 

of all things is at hand and it, therefore, encourages us to be sober 

and watch with our prayer. Embrace a life of prayer!

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God bless you real good.

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