The Profit In Body Exercise

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Yesterday, as I was leaving work I decided to take a prayer walk. After I did it for an hour, my body was tired but my spirit is wanted to carry on. I managed to do it for like two hours before calling it a quit. I got home very tired, I wasn’t even moved by food. This experience shows the profit in body exercise and after I thought about it, I have a few things to share.

What A Spiritual Man Says About Profit In Body Exercise

I thought about what the Bible says about this, then I remembered Apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy. He was writing to the young Pastor on how to handle things to achieve the desired result. Even though he was instructing him on spiritual matters, somehow because of its importance he mentioned body exercise. The question is; how does body exercise correlate with spiritual leadership and destiny?

I listened to an Apostle who shared his experience why preaching in a conference. He discovered he was tired but the Holy Spirit was still moving in the meeting. He actually closed the service because he was tired. It was then he realized that act could have surcharged people’s destiny. Look at my experience too, I could have gotten more done in prayer yesterday but I was tired. It simply means that as we are preparing ourselves spiritually for the divine assignment, we must prepare our bodies to accommodate it.

There Is Profit In Body Exercise

Many people especially those with some spiritual acumen have downgraded the need for body exercise. This is not good enough. As we see in the explanation above, God requires you to use your body well and make sure it helps in fulfilling the diving purpose for which you are called. You can be highly anointed but if you don’t have a good body to be where God wants you to be, how will you achieve the deliverables.

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This is usually a misconception 1 Timothy 4:8 where Paul says “bodily exercise profits a little” First, you need to understand that Paul identifies the benefits of body exercise. And if he is giving this advice to a young Pastor, it means everyone including Pastors need body exercise. Trust me, if it is not important Apostle Paul wouldn’t have mentioned it. If he told Timothy, every minister must take heed to it.

Misconception Of Little Profit In Body Exercise

The issue is the misconception of little profit with body exercise in 1 Timothy 4:8. It is important for us to understand this verse very well. When Paul says body exercise profits a little, he used the word “little” because he was comparing body exercise with godliness. Of course, godliness will carry higher importance but that does not mean body exercise is not important.

Please note that Paul never disregarded body exercise, therefore you should not as well. Just because he said it profits a little in comparison with godliness does not mean it is not important at all. Body exercise is an important factor in keeping yourself fit for the divine assignment. You need to be able to move about where necessary and have good health to be productive in the kingdom business.

The Realities of The Profit In Body Exercise

Today, people are better informed about body exercise compared to the last decade. We lost too many people because of this ignorance. People became obese and unnecessarily fat which facilitated early grave for many. Even those who were not fat had issues with body flexibility. So, it is an issue that requires urgent attention especially if you have not been doing exercise at all.

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We all need to be reminded that your body exercise is just as important as the food you eat. While the food helps you to grow and maintain yourself, the exercise keeps you in the appropriate change so that your life will not eventually be in danger or cut short. A few minutes of well-being will help a lot in your body and your general well-being.

Those who are wise are already doing something about it. The earlier you begin, the better for you. You don’t have to do it every day if you don’t have the time. Although, it is advisable to do something daily even if it is for short taking thirty minutes daily for this should not really be a problem. Consider having a schedule. If you can’t register in a gym, do something at home.

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