The Man Called Stephen

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In the book of Acts chapter six (6), we come across a man that the Bible (Acts 6:8) described as a man full of faith and power. He was one of the seven people chosen for the ministry of tables. Stephen was just one of the members of the church prior to his appointment as one of the leaders to attend to ministry of tables.

Even though, he was selected for the ministry of tables but you will notice what he carried was more. Among the seven, he was specifically mentioned to have these unique spiritual qualities. He was full of faith and power. He was in the same congregation with others but not like the others. This shows there is more to this man.

Stephen: Full Of Faith

If anyone is full of faith, it means they have intentionally increased their faith. God never gives anyone full faith from the start, you only get a measure. Romans 12:3 shows that God deals with everyone with a measure of faith. It is your responsibility to increase it. One major way to do that is by listening to the word of God as revealed in Romans 10:17. It means Stephen must have been a great hearer and doer of the word of God. That’s what the difference.

How Do You See Sermon?

How do you treat the word of God you listen to? Is it just another talk show to you? Maybe it’s just Pastor doing his thing again. The word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). Take not that it is living and it is that life of God that we seek in every sermon. It is that life that can wake every death in your life just as Jesus woke the dead Lazarus.

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When Pastor is preaching, it’s not just about the Pastor. It’s about God speaking to you. When we pray, we talk to God but when we listen to sermon, God is talking to us. Such a great moment must be maximized if you intend to make a difference just as Stephen did. Jesus Christ already said the words He speaks are spirit and life (John 6:63). The word of God can change your life because it carries life. There’s so much we can say about the word of God as revealed by the Bible.

The point I am trying to make is clear, Stephen became a man full of faith because He was a hearer and doer of the word of God. If you intend to be one, follow suit. You can change your life and make it an expression of God’s wonders by just following His word. The light you are waiting for at the end of the tunnel is fully available in the word of God. Meditate on Psalms 119:130. 

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