The Man Called Stephen: How Did He Died?

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We have looked at a few things from the life of the man called Stephen. How that He is a man of the word and diligent in his work with God. The first two pieces already explained that. Kindly check them out if you have seen them. Click here to read the first and here for the second.

Today, we want to look at the way this man of God died. There is so much to learn from him that even the process of his death teaches tremendous lessons. These lessons will help our faith in Christ. The church lost a general but Christ welcome a general.

In The Face Of Trial And Death

One important verse to read over and over again is Acts 7:55. This is because in the face of trial and death, Stephen was still full of the Holy Spirit. A lot of us push Holy Spirit aside once we have a little challenge. We begin to use do calculations and emphasize our strength. You may need to meditate on 1 Samuel 2:9(b).

Total dependence on God even when nothing is working is the best. How many of us can stand true to God in the face serious trial and death like this. Some of us are strong for God as long as things are working fine. Sorry, you are not a general of the kingdom. True generals like the man called Stephen stood even when the whole world stood against him.

The Source Of The Trial

It is worthy of note that Stephen’s trial came right from his people. They were all Jews who stood against him. So, that you were betrayed by a brother or Sister in the church or family member is not something unique to you. Stephen had his own part of the pain. Don’t forget that even our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of His team and others denied Him.

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Some people have made decision never to serve God because of this. You are wrong Ma or Sir. Its not about the betrayal, its about what is between you and your God. Will your anchor still hold even if the best Pastor you know betrays you? If not, you don’t know who you believe yet. And I doubt if you really believe Jesus Christ.

I hope you have learnt one or two things from the way he died, we shall continue tomorrow. Please share your thoughts through the comment section and don’t forget to share with loved ones if you have been blessed. Thank you. Looking forward to have you tomorrow. Shalom!

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