The Man Called Stephen: Faith and Power

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We had looked at a thought on Stephen. He was one of the seven selected for the ministry of tables. Among his colleagues, the man called Stephen surpassed in faith and power. That’s all the Bible told us about him. That statement is highly loaded and already explained both his personal life and ministry.

Acts 6:8 gave us clear and brief information about his personal life and ministry. There are two things we were told there; faith and power. The first for his personal life which showed us who he is and what he does. That was covered in the first piece of this topic. You may click here to read it if you haven’t seen it.

Today, we will briefly look at the second word which is power. Power talks about ability to work or function. You will notice that verse said he did great wonders and miracles among the people. That’s what power can do. This is the reason lots of ministers are praying for power every now and then.

How Power Comes

We know power doesn’t just come in the kingdom of God. It comes through a number of ways. Apart from the dunamis which is an inherent power that Jesus already paid for. That’s part of the salvation package. If you want to grow in power with God, it will take the whole of you. You must have become a new person entirely before a great investment power comes on you.

Power is for mature children. God must be sure you won’t abuse it or administer it. Maturity really counts here. This is because whatever you do with the power will have God’s seal on it. So, God will deal with you until you begin to reflect him in words, thoughts and character. People who move in God’s power are twice careful in everything so as not put God’s seal anyhow.

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Requirements For Power

If you will ever move in God’s power like the one that will do wonders and miracles, you will have become humility personified. God’s dealings in your life would have make you too humble that people will almost trample on you anyhow. As a matter of fact, the more the power, the lesser you you showcase to people. This is because you yourself know that it’s not by your own made power, it’s God reaching people through you.

You must be a man of prayer. You really can’t do anything in this kingdom without a consistent prayer life. Sorry I broke your heart with that but that’s the truth. We all are sentenced to a life of prayer (Luke 18:1, 1 Thessalonians 5:17) but those that really want power will learn to pray not only that but long prayer. There lots of things that long prayer does to you that serve as foundation for God’s power. So Stephen must have been a man of prayer.

He Was A Man Of The Word Too

There is no doubt that Stephen was a man of the word. Doing great things in the kingdom requires you to work in line with the dictates of the word on such matter. Even if you want to pray effectively, such prayer must be full of God’s word and balanced on the dictates of the word of God. I showed us in the first piece that Stephen couldn’t have been a man of faith without been a man of the word.

A Question For You

Stephen did not become filled with faith and power before he was chosen. It was a requirement that made them choose him. So, why are you wasting away? You don’t have any excuse not to full with the Holy Spirit or full of faith and power like Stephen. He was a floor member too until he was chosen as a deacon. You have stayed on that mundane level for too long.

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You Need To Grow Your Faith And Power

You are expected to grow from time to time. It is rather painful that lots of Christians have remained at a spot in their work with God. That means you’re not useful to the kingdom of God. It is first about you and God. If that’s done well enough, it will result in your personal growth and then service can come up. Power is for service and not for show off. That’s why God will first deal with you to make you selfless.

Make A Decision Now

Everyone that became something worthwhile for God made a decision at one point or the other. They made the decision to become what you are seeing today. Now it’s your turn. You need to make your own decision either to be useful for God and be a tool in His hand or remain in the mundane level. You will have to make the decision and stand by it. That’s the way out.