The Gate of Heaven (2)

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Thank you for joining me in this second part of “Gate of Heaven“. I appreciate your time and interest in following up. And I pray that God will take you higher in Him and experience Him as you read through in Jesus name. Heaven gate is much more, please read through.

We have looked at what the gate of heaven means with respect to the activities of beings found there in the first piece. We also discussed the significance of these activities and how it relates to humans. I hope you prayed those prayers wholeheartedly. May the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob surprise you with the answer to your prayers in Jesus name.

Let’s take a step forward to look at what gate of heaven of heaven means linguistically. A gate means a place, spot or location that ushers you into a place. Everyone who has ever lived in a fenced house will be familiar with this. So if Jacob calls that spot the gate of heaven, he meant a place, spot or location that ushers people into heaven. This is evident in the angels going in and out heaven. The question is, when was the last time you visited heaven?

In the ancient times, elders gather at the gate of the city. They do so for obvious reasons which is for judgment and government. These are two strong terms (judgment and government) that requires attention. These two functions can be verified from scriptures when talking about gate. The gate of heaven therefore means were cases are decided. It also means where all legislation and legal processes are instituted on all issues.

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There are certain issues in your life that you may never be able to control except you visit the gate of heaven. You need to know and understand the legislature by which it is gaining grounds in your life. There are battles that cannot be won except you check them out the gate of heaven. That’s where you can prove your case on legal grounds before the great One. My question is, when was the last time you visited the gate of heaven?

If you don’t visit the gate of heaven often, you may not know why some issues are appearing the way they are. You may not know why the things around you are happening the way they are. You want to understand some things about nations, yourself, family etc., you must make it to the gate of heaven. That’s where you can understand the legislation controlling your life at the moment. Arise and begin to pray as inspired. Pray until you are settled about it in your spirit.

To be continued…

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