The Abnormal Christian

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I am super excited to have you on this page especially since you want to read about abnormal Christian and I trust the Lord that this piece will not be another online article. I pray that it will be an instruction to the Lord to you. The Lord will speak to you expressly in clear and still voice as you read through in Jesus’ name.

The Abnormal Christian

Christianity is no longer what it used to be. A lot has changed in the last 25 years and it is very painful. Today, what used to be abnormal in the church is now been celebrated. And here we are wondering why there has been no revival like the days of old. Everything we know to be normal has become abnormal. There is no honor for our God anymore.

The Abnormal Christian Of Today

Today, our belief system in the church has changed. I wonder why. The God we serve doesn’t change at least you see that in Hebrew 13:8. So, why are we changing to our God and we expect Him to still be the one the Apostles know. Today, we do and believe things Apostles will never approve. Let it be known to all that God will never change His standard for us, we must go back to God’s standard.

Last weekend, I was opportune to be teaching in Theological School and I told the students to go back home and write out all their beliefs in Christianity. Not only that, they should study them out of the Bible and see if it’s accurate with the Bible. I challenge you to do that as well. That’s when you will realize the perverted doctrines that look original. When things were normal, Christians check everything in the scriptures. That is no longer in view.

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This is not a time you just take the words of a preacher for it, you must check the Bible. Embrace the Berean culture. Whenever Apostle Paul thought them, they go back to check it. That’s the normal Christian and that’s how to grow. If you take everything without checking, I am sorry to disappoint you, you’re an abnormal Christian. That means you can eat anything as long as they call it food. You are not normal. They can’t distinguish poison from food because they don’t even read the Bible in the first place.

Today we have people who want God to be committed to them but they don’t even know God let alone been committed. When I hear some people talk, I ask myself if they are talking about the same God of the Bible. The God of the Bible can only be experienced when you seek Him in truth and with all your heart. And until you experience Him, you don’t know Him. There are people who called the God of the Bible their father and they don’t even know Him, what an abnormal child. That’s an abnormal Christian.

Today, sin is not only embraced but even on the pulpit of many churches. So many things are done these days to make people stay in a church and to enjoy the service. The normal Christian knows that the service is not about us, it is about God. If we are in alignment with God and we do what He says, we will be reached. If you are part of the people dictating what the service should look like or the kind of sermons to be preached, you are an abnormal Christian.

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There is so much we can talk about because falsehood has been embraced for too long and people don’t even know the original anymore. I counsel you today, go back to the Bible. Read the Bible as someone who wants to know not with what you already know. At the end of it all, you will be the judge with it not what your Pastor preached. Even your Pastor will be judged with it. And what you were told won’t matter because you have access to read and confirm it. We do that for business, work, etc why not for the word of God?

This may be a challenging piece, I do hope it blesses you and that you will consider it worth sharing. However, you can share your views through the comment section. I would love to hear from you. And you may forward an email to Read more here.

God bless you real good.

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