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The Seeds: 6 Actionable Steps

The Seeds: 6 Actionable Steps

In the last few days, we have been looking at lessons from the seeds as they grow into plants. To complete this, it is wise for us to look at actionable steps from the lessons from the seeds. I believe it will enhance more realistic and action-oriented learning from the last two articles. If you …

More Lessons From The Seeds

More Lessons from the seeds

In the last article, we discussed messages from the seeds. I do hope you find that piece inspiring, educative and enlightening. If you are yet to read it, please click here to read it before you continue. I feel a strong need to continue the discussion. So, here are more lessons from the seeds. It …

The Seeds Has Messages For You

Even seeds of plants have lessons everyone should learn to live a great life

Some years ago, I read an article about a fellow who wrote a great piece about the things in his room and lessons derived from each. It was a great piece and an eye-opener. I will be doing the same in this piece but this time, it’s about seeds. It suddenly occurred to me that …