Success Essentials 5 – Evaluation

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In furtherance of our discussion on the success essentials, we shall be looking at a very important factor. This may explain why some people get to a particular level in their success journey and find it hard to move on. I am talking about EVALUATION.

What Is Evaluation?

Evaluation is simply a way of accessing your achievement vis a vis the desired achievement. It’s a way to find out how much goal was achieved from the list of goals set. A good evaluation should put the used resources into consideration. This will bring me to two important things to look out for in your evaluation. These are efficiency and effectiveness.

What Is Efficiency?

In a very simple word count, efficiency simply measure the rate at which the resources used achieves the targeted aim. It means you want to know how justifiable the used resources are. This will help to know if you are wasting your resources or not.

What Is Effectiveness?

This measures the rate at which the solution, remedy or goals achieved solves the problem. While you are thinking of solving a problem, you must also measure the rate at which the proverb solution solves the problem. If you think accomplishing a particular task will mean you are successful, you must check if it really means you are successful once you accomplish the task.

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Now It’s Your Time

With this information at your disposal, I believe you should be able to evaluate yourself for the days spent in this year. Let’s see how far you have been efficient and effective with your plans. Do this for your plans and see how far you have achieved or failed. Note that the purpose of this is to get you back on feet in case you are missing it already.

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