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Calvary greetings to you. Thanks for making it a date to read through this blog once again. I appreciate your time and all that it cost you to be here. For sharing our previous posts, a huge thanks to you. And for commenting on each post, it means a lot to me, thank you. A first timer? I am honored to have you on this page. Let’s take a look at spiritual portal.

Today, I will be delivering the second part of “Gate of Heaven” as promised. If you haven’t gone through the series on “Gate of Heaven, please click here. If you have not checked the first part, please do. In this piece, we shall be looking at an important spiritual concept in the life of Jacob. This is called spiritual portal.

What Is Spiritual Portal?

In order to fully grasp this, it is quite important to take the words in the combination one after the other. This will afford us the opportunity to elucidate the topic clearly and simply. So, what does spiritual means? Of course, it means something divine or demonic or beyond normal human efforts or control. Its anything that can’t be explained or view under normal human actions. I trust you grasp this.

Next is the term portal. Portal means an entrance. It is something or a place that grant you an entrance into a place or something. This could be virtual as well as physical. For instance, some house are built with portal. Its usually a small place just before the entrance. That’s the example of physical portal. An example of virtual portal is the online registration portal for students. A place where you login with your matriculation number and password.

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If we combine these two explainations together, spiritual portal will mean a place or thing beyond human reasoning that grants you access into something. If you follow this carefully, spiritual portal is close to a virtual portal. Its just that it has capacity to control or influence the physical world because the spiritual controls the physical. I sincerely hope this clearly and simply explains the concept.

Spiritual Portal In Practical Terms

If you interact with the spirit realm well enough whether demonically or divinely, you will realize that every life, city or land has a spiritual portal. Even as human beings, each of us has a spiritual portal. In practical terms, that’s where all the events that occurred and that will still occur are decided. Some do not even know that there is a spiritual portal to every life and land.

Every life is a direct manifestation of the activities allowed in the his or her portal. And because it is spiritual, it can only be handled spiritually. In a place where it is left unhandled by the person in charge, it will be controlled by another. This is inline with one of the laws of the spirit realm. That law states clearly that there can’t be vacuum in the spirit. So if you fail to stand in your place spiritually, something else will and dictate the affairs of your life.

To be continue…

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