Spiritual Portal (2)

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Thank you for joining us on yet another piece on this page. Today, we shall be having the concluding part of spiritual portal. Though, the series maybe long but I do hope we have learnt one or two things. And most importantly, I hope we have been ushered into new realities about the gate of heaven and spiritual portal.

On spiritual portal, we already talked about what it means. A brief explanation in the form of physical and virtual. We discussed the importance of spiritual portal. We stated clearly that spiritual portals are unique to life and lands. It was clear that it can be hijacked and that we all are direct manifestation of what happens in our spiritual portals. If you have not read the first piece, you may go here.

Three Things To Note

If you forget all things about spiritual portal, please don’t forget these three things below. I honestly do not expect anyone to forget about spiritual portal. Whether or not you are interested in your spiritual growth, please note that spiritual portal is part of everyone and cities.

First, you must know that spiritual portal can’t be empty operationally. It is not designed to be empty and it can never be. This is evident in the law of the spirit realm I mentioned in the first piece. That means, if you have not been active then another spirit or person has been dictating the events of your life.

Also, you must know when your spiritual portal is active. For Jacob, its in the night. The covenant of blessings was activated in the night. He was multiplied prophetically into a nation in the night. Friends, you must know when your spiritual portal is active. That time is a crucial moment in your life. You may waste other times but you can’t afford to joke with the time when your spiritual portal is active.

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Finally, for this piece, you must know how to engage with your spiritual portal. If you know the first two without this one, you can’t do much. Your ability to walk in the path that has not been seen and touch the invisible is largely dependent on how much you engage your spiritual portal. This is where you learn the deep things and understand how your actions and inactions impact your life spiritually.

I hope you’ve gotten some relevant info in this piece. Although this is a little info about spiritual portal on individual life. This doesn’t contain any info about spiritual portal of lands and cities. I hope this will move you to search for God the more. You can’t come to the knowledge of this without finding God and walking with Him. My final words to you in this piece, go and find God for yourself.

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