Set Yourself On Fire

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Set yourself on fire and the whole world will watch you burn
John Wesley

When I came across this quote above, it consumed the whole of me. It appears to me that the quote itself carries fire. Maybe the words are burning with fire. Set yourself on fire and the whole world will watch you burn. I have been thinking about this. I hope to communicate this as a revelation and not just an info.

Set Yourself On Fire

Today, my question to you is simple, what do you live for? Life is more than existence. It most be with an intention. A mere existence of waking up, going to school and making a living is a kind of life not worth living. There must be something to live for. Something to catch fire about and then live it by burning that fire.

There is a fire of purpose burning in you that you are yet to give expression to. You are not just a being born to eat, grow, marry, give birth and die. Your life is worth much more. You need to remind yourself that you are a purpose covered with flesh. Everyone of us is a purpose in motion and that’s why we must live a deliberate life.

A deliberate life with deliberate actions and inactions. There has to be some form of intention or purpose that guides all you do and stand by towards a particular purpose. There has to be one purpose you cry about in the secret and you are living passionately about in the public. You cant change everything in the world but your purpose is the tool God has given you to effect the change in crying silently in you.

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If you want true success, find your purpose in life and fulfill it. That’s what true successful people do. So, set yourself to be successful by finding your purpose and fulfilling it. Those who follow this path never miss true success. So, set yourself on fire on purpose and let the world watch you burn into success.

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