Moments Matter; Right Your Wrong

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Thank you for joining us for the second part of moments matter. I believe you were blessed by the first and you must have taken a conscious effort to right your wrong where it matters. And if you haven’t read the first part, please go here to read through.

Before we take a look at a few tools to take advantage of moments we come across. It is worthy of note that some moments may not come twice in a lifetime. While you can have some come over and over again, some may never come twice. For some, it may come back after some years but not with the same degree of importance.

Since we may not be able to tell which moments will come back coupled with the fact that it takes time before it comes and not with the same degree of impact, I think it is wise to find a way to maximize every moment. This is the time you make every moment count in your life. It is too costly to waste moments. The ones you wasted have landed you here, now it’s time to soar higher.

Seasons Of Your Life

The very first place to begin if you intend to utilize every moment is in discerning the seasons of your life. What season are you in now? If you can’t answer that question, I am sorry to disappoint you, you really cannot maximize your moments. Your season is what will make you know what to look out for in every moment. That’s how you can understand the moments in your life and why they come.

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Why You Need To Know Seasons Of Your Life

When you know the season of your life, your goals will become clear and you can easily identify distractions even when they come like a blessing. Your season is made-up moments. There’s no better way to take advantage of moments than to first understand the season of your life. It gives you the idea of the whole first while the moments help you to capture every part to make a whole.

The knowledge of the seasons of your life will help you to know when God is giving you another chance for the opportunities you have missed. Maximizing a second chance is key because you don’t if you will ever get it again. That will also determine if you will ever grow or become great life. Knowing the seasons of your life will help you to right your wrong

We shall continue from here tomorrow. If you are yet to find out the season of your life that you are currently in, I will suggest you reach out to God in prayer and pray until word comes from God. It is key to maximizing every moment of your life. See you tomorrow!

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