Product Of Grace

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A few months ago, sometime last year I was lucky to be selected by one of my fathers in the faith to be part of a team of intercessors. It was a rare privilege I must say. And I did appreciate it a lot. It was a product of grace altogether.

I appreciated this gesture because I love the work of an intercessor and secondly because I know there are countless possibilities of what we can achieve with prayer. Every time I teach about the endless possibilities of what we can do with prayers in Bible school, I have seen students asked pertinent questions about prayer. I love prayer and God does answer prayer.

So, as I began to meditate on the clarion call as an intercessor on that platform I heard God in my spirit. It was clear. I was thinking about what we need to do intercession right. As I was listing out what I thought was very important. You probably will be thinking about power too. That was my first but He said we need grace.

It didn’t make much meaning to me until I meditated on it for a while. By meditation, I found out grace is enablement beyond human thoughts, skill, and power. At once I understood why God said we need grace. What has been difficult for you for a long time, if God gives you the grace needed for it, even you will be surprised how things changed.

Not so long, I read a quote online. It was about grace but it hit me so hard. Whoever wrote it must have been inspired. The quote reads, “until you handle things with grace they will stay in your face” What a powerful quote! Friends, you despair about situations because you haven’t received the grace to handle them. You cry about the happenings in your life because you lack the grace to handle them.

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I don’t know what the situation is for you right now but if you can pray wholeheartedly I can assure you that there is a God that can answer prayer. With the whole of your heart, can you pray, “God endows me with grace to handle my situations” I will like you to pray it seriously? It’s not a mistake that you are reading this right now. It’s because God wants to empower you to handle the situations that have been handling you.

For every specific situation that is overwhelming, can you ask God for the grace to handle them? Pray it with the whole of your being like your life depends on it. Let God feel your prayer and know that you need the grace. As you pray it through, testimonies will abound for you in Jesus’s name. (Amen). Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below. Selah!