Pastors Need To Be Up And Doing Now

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In the last two weeks, I have been talking to Pastors via a few posts and discussion groups. Someone who felt concerned asked why my attention has been drawn to Pastors. Well, I don’t think I have left them at any point and if I have, it is certainly not a crucial time like this. This season is crucial and true men of God know. If this time is not well handled, Christianity might be plunged into darkness.

Why This Season Is Crucial

This is the season that precedes the revival season. Don’t be distracted by the COVID19 issue. At the end of the tunnel, there is a great light. Coronavirus is a great distraction tool but wise men of God know that they need to keep up and be in alignment with God. We all must be in alignment with God to maximize this season or else we might miss out on the great revival that is ahead. So, don’t be carried away with the media and the spirit of fear ravaging the souls of many right now.

What God Needs Right Now

If you are a minister of the gospel, this is the time God needs you the most. And if you are like the young Samuel, whose heart is clean and open enough to receive from God. Especially at a time like this when the foremost or preachers with portfolio’s eyes are going dim. Even if you don’t know God as the young Samuel, what God needs is a clean and willing heart. If you have that for God, He can break out through you and make you as great as Samuel whose anointing kept the nation.

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What Pastors Should Be Doing

There are three major things everyone called by the name of the Lord ought to be doing right now. Whether you’re a Pastor or not. As long as you are a child of God who knows s/he is serious with God, do these three things and you won’t miss out on the coming revival. If you are truly faithful, God does a number of things through you as He wishes.

Be In Alignment

Pastors need to be in alignment with God more in this current season. It will determine whether or not God will bypass you and your congregation in the coming revival. Two important reasons why you need to be in alignment with God are your safety and for acceptability of your service. You can’t speak God’s mind if you are not aligned with Him. If your congregation is not hearing God’s current mind through your sermon, it means you’re dead spiritually.

Be Prayerful

As you already know you can’t do much without prayer. In this season God calls for more prayers especially interceding for nations, the world, and most especially the Christendom. There is a silent battle going on now and if care is not taken, the church may forget their God. Everyone called by the name of the Lord must intercede for Christianity right now. It is an urgent call. We must pray, that is the greatest weapon to change things.

Be Expectant

Well, this season is a crucial one and we must live it with our heart open to receive the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the time to more like He will appear in the next minute. Check all areas of your life. Forget the titles and ranks you have achieved, your eternal nationality carries value much more than all of that combined. Now you have the opportunity to make a choice and work it out. Jesus is coming soon.

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