Pastors And Controversial Issues

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I trust that the Lord is good to you. I believe all is well. It’s been a while I sent you note. Today is another great day to share a burden with you. I do hope you will find it helpful in Jesus name. Note that I do not write these things as one who has attained it all but as a watchman merely doing his bits to the growth of the kingdom. So, lets check Pastors and controversial issues

While teaching in a theology school last weekend, we came to a point where I made my position clear on the preaching on some controversial issues like women wearing trousers, women covering their head, use of make up etc. Pastors and controversial issues everywhere. While these issues are subject of worrisome debate, I don’t believe they are supposed to be receiving such attention.

Pastors And Controversial Issues

In my own perspective, I think it is a waste of precious time for Pastors to be preaching on women wearing trousers, wearing make up, wearing jewellery, haircuts, hairstyles, clothes, drinking of alcohol etc. I don’t believe these issues are worth discussion on the pulpit because there are other serious issues that requires our attention.

If you keep preaching on that solely, you are likely to build infidels who will not be doing those things in your presence but they will do it in every other place. That’s one of the reasons you have one person having different personalities in church and at work or home. Focus on the true teaching of the word of God that is capable of showing them who Jesus Christ is and how to build a relationship with Him.

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What Should Pastors Do?

In my own perspective, Pastors should spend time and energy in discipling people to know Jesus. Instead of wasting time telling them those things, teach them on how find Jesus and relate with Him. As they relate with Him, every other thing will lose value including the love for those things if it will hinder their relationship with Him.

As we grow in God and you begin to get to some levels, God will require that you drop somethings. At that point, it is easier. This is because it will come to them as a revelation not just a mere instruction which makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Disciple them to know Jesus then leave them with Jesus. Remember you can’t change any man, only Jesus can.

The second thing Pastors should be doing is committing their heart to Jesus for a revelation of His finished work on the cross. If you won’t be praying for the sheep of God, there is no point in being their Pastor. The work of the Pastor is 80% in the closet with God. Ask true men of God, they will tell you the secret of successful ministry is in how much labour you can do with God in the secret place.

It is your prayer in the secret place that can make the word of God transform their life beginning from their thought and views on issues. It opens them up for God to penetrate their heart bringing in total transformation. That transformation is what God needs to initiate a relationship. That relationship with God is the beginning of being an asset in God’s hand. So if you intend to labour and build God’s generals, this is the path to go as a Pastor.

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