Few Words For Pastors

Dear Pastor, The last three weeks have been extremely different in ministry. Those who were antagonizing the use of internet for church service must have learnt otherwise. Those who claimed that there’s nothing like e-church must have seen not only that it works but that it is quite effective in […]

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Is Your Mind On Lockdown?

Well, it’s no news that a lot of cities and countries around the world are lockdown. There has been no movement at all or partial movement as the case maybe. Every workaholic is forced to take rest indefinitely. The lazy ones are made to engage in worrisome rest from work. […]

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Coming Out On The Other Side

In this great season, Jesus is still the reason for the season. Season is a celebration time for the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is on this that the whole of our life and hope is built on in Christianity. Without the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are […]

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Lazy And Uninspired

Two years ago, I came across a picture a sentence and an image of a tired white collar job holder. Its not the image that caught my attention, it’s the sentence that came with it. It blew my mind, got me thinking and it has never left me. Today, I […]

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A Man Like King Solomon

We all know who Solomon was and is. Of course, he became king of God’s people after his father David. Right now, he is the wisest king that ever lived. God already said no one will match up to that record. He received a blessing no other person can attain. […]

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Don’t Be A Lazy Christian (1)

In the true sense, a lazy Christian is not a Christian. This is because such a person cannot possess quality experience with God. The hallmark of Christianity is in the experience with God. I mean interfacing with God. That’s where people are made. This is something a casual Christian can […]

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Don’t Be A Lazy Christian

In this era of stay at home and self isolation, true Christians will take advantage and use the opportunity to be better with God. If a time like this cannot be used to enhance your understanding of the scriptures and engage the supernatural, I honestly don’t think you are a […]

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In A Time Like This

Let me begin by saying happy Sunday. Trust you had a great time in God’s presence via the online service you joined. For me, it was great. I even had the opportunity to join two online services, the third didn’t work out. It was all great put together. The Season […]

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Tips For Working From Home

I guess it’s appropriate to say hello. I hope you are staying safe. From wherever you are reading this piece, please stay safe. If you haven’t being taking precautions against the pandemic virus, now is the time to start. Go here to read about how to protect yourself. In response […]

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