Nigerian Workplace Deceptions (4)

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Today marks the end of this series on the deceptions in the Nigerian workplace. Well, there are lots of things to say but we are constrained by time. I do hope the little we have shared is informative enough. We shall discuss one more deceit before we draw a close on the series today. Please find it below;

Deceit Of Feedback

Feedback is a great way to know how a business is doing. It shows you the performance from the spectacle of the other person, especially the customer. Although some may be sentimental it does not rule out the fact that there is always an element of truth in them. The interesting thing about feedback is that it can only come from one who is still interested in your goods and services and hopes that you will work on the feedback.

It is to be noted that no feedback is free. At least the customer is using his time which is a part of his/her life to sharing the feedback. Some may even walk or drive some distance to give the feedback while some will spend quality time to put up an email to express their feedback in an email. Even the agony of having to put words together to reveal a point should not be overlooked. It is work and worth more than a penny.

Unfortunately, feedback doesn’t go beyond reports in most organizations. I don’t understand how a great tool for development became useless in lots of companies. The management team needs to know that for every feedback received, there is an expectation from the source. Companies that damn the feedback of both employees and customers should be prepared to be a failure. There is a lot of success hanging on reviewing and working with feedback.

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Do Management Care?

If you have ever been asked what the challenges are in your work, sometimes it is never to help you. A lot of times, they just want you to feel cared for. They know what you are likely to say and they have a ready-made answer for you. If you check, most times, nothing happens thereafter. After a few months, they will ask again. When you tell them about the old problem which was not fixed in the first place, they will tell you to manage it. After all, you have been doing that. When you add a new challenge, they assure you that they will look into it. This will go the same way. That’s the cycle.

It is extremely bad in the case of the customers. They get the feedback but when they make decisions, it will be clear that the customer’s feedback was never needed to make a decision. Even when an employee gives feedback after interacting with customers. They will only tell you what they want to say and move on. Sometimes they make it feel like you are too emotional but are the customers not emotional? If we are making customers buy by getting to them emotionally, we should also respond to the feedback that comes through their emotions.

I remember speaking with one of my friends two months ago. He told me how they kept giving particular feedback with a recommendation based on the market demand and customer feedback. This went on for about four months until their sales began to drop for three months consecutively. That’s when they had to follow the recommendation. I think management staff needs to know that he who receives a slap knows exactly how much pain came with it and not a spectator. Front line staff will always be the best employee to get and give customer feedback for a quality decision on customer matters.

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When Customers Speak

As a customer service consultant, I know that lots of customers always find at least a way to complain before they change their product or service provider in this country. Those are the chances management have to right the wrongs but unfortunately, customers’ voice always falls on deaf ears. Companies in this part of the world don’t value feedback. Even when the management team has reported from time to time, I can assure you they either don’t read them or put a blind spot on customers’ feedback. This act cut across industries. All they are looking at and discussing is the revenue. So much more you wonder if it is true they went to those business schools in their profiles.

What Management Really Wants

The bitter truth is that management does not really care about their employees and customers. They are only there and have been paid for just one thing which is to get more money. That’s all. So, they will do all that they can to get more money and are never ready to spend money on neither customers nor employees except themselves. When they are spending necessary and compulsory money on employees, they will remember they are expected to cut expenses for the company. When they want to cart out money for themselves, they will not remember their cutting expenses job description.

So, they only want customers to keep paying for the product and services even if they are not using them. They want more money from the customers. From the employees, they want them to try as much as possible to make the customer buy more. They don’t care how you achieve that. Just get it done. Even when customers are complaining, all they will keep telling you is to make them buy. That’s why they don’t respond until the sales begin to drop drastically and it is sure they will be affected.

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Well, this looks like a convenient point to draw this series to close. I believe with this, you will understand management team reactions and actions. If you have had this experience, kindly share it with us in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this piece with friends and on social media handles. Thank you for your time.