Nigerian Workplace Deceptions (3)

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Processes And Procedures?

Every organization have processes and procedures for getting things done. They are the laid down ways and channels to get situations addressed and solve problems. It is the work of management to constantly review processes and procedures. This is to give room for constant changes, new challenges and to level up with industry standard. This is what we determine how far and fast things move within the organization.

The success rate of any organization on her objectives is largely dependent on the quality of processes and procedures made available. Without processes and procedures, no organization can be structured. Organizations do not just become structured on their own. It is work of the management staff. They are employed to build structures and maintain it to retain a culture that will give birth to success continually.

The issue is that success seats on structures and those two things are meant to give structure to organization. This explains why some companies keep go about in cycles hardly ever able to achieve any of their goals. They have failed to build structure for success. You can have many expatriates in your management team with lots of education, if there are no structures revealed by processes and procedures, they have failed and will continue to fail.

The Problem And Deceit

The problem is that the so called management get lots of money and benefits which must be justified by their performance. But because there is no structure in place, success becomes difficult. Instead of them to build one, they will result to unrealistic targets and threats for their team members. This is because they cant think and be innovative enough to come up with policies, processes and procedures that are unique to drive the organization goals. This is actually why they are paid large sums. Almost 15% of lots of target will be achieved by having good structures in place. At least, help your team with that and know that, that’s what you are paid to do.

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In some organizations, what they do is simple but extremely bad. They simply check out for similar organization and then copy what is working for them. The truth is, no two organizations are exactly the same even if they are in the same industry. The beauty of each organization is in her uniqueness. All processes and procedures must be tailored to what the organization is and what she hope to achieve. Again, they will begin to frustrate employees to implement their copied procedures and processes and expect to get the same result the original owners were getting. They themselves can see flaws but they will tell you to manage it.

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