Nigeria: Speak Up, Speak Out

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The country called Nigeria is taking a new shape following the 60th independent anniversary. It appears the 60th independent anniversary brought the change we have been craving for. A new country is set to emerge. Whether we will still have a country or countries is yet to be known. In the end, SARS may have the answers.

The Voice Of The People

Whether we want to agree or not, the country has found a new operational mandate. Before now, it has always been the voice of the public office holders but since October 2020 began the populace has found their voice. It appears the voice of the people is becoming to have a meaningful effect on the affairs of the country.

Everyone is talking and voicing out the long managed pains. Pains of death of loved ones, pains of brutality, pains of dreams cut off, pains of inhumanity to man, etc. The voices are being amplified nationwide and those who don’t know we are having a new world order are either fighting it or have remained silent.

Speak And Stand For Humanity

This is not a time to keep quiet. We all are involved. It’s not just about the youth and the police. This is for every one of us. It’s not just about Nigeria ending SARS (#EndSARS). It’s about ending all that has not been making us feel comfortable in our land. This is a great time in our history and it will be forever remembered. We all need to stand for the peace of our minds in our land.

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We are all concerned especially if you have been hit by the effect of bad governance. So, let it all come out. Whether you are a retiree, civil servant, student, etc it’s our battle. Let’s stand against a government that doesn’t value our lives and gives hope to the coming generation. Just as the past heroes gave us hope squandered by the insensitive politicians.

Therefore if you are suffering from anything in your commission, it’s time to speak out. Let’s get all the issues resolved at once. You may not get another chance. One thing we should all be standing and speaking for now is our economy and the loot by politicians. We can’t continue like this.

To be continued