Nigeria: Is The Prophecy Coming Through? (2)

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There are several prophecies about the country Nigeria. Is any prophecy coming through for Nigeria? Different men of God have spoken at different times and intervals. Prophecies of all kinds came. Some were favourable to the country while some others weren’t. Some of these prophecies failed and some are still been watched. Nigeria is a nation hanging on so many prophecies.

Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo: Prophecy Coming Through?

He said a lot of things about our country. He is in fact one of the people we refer to anytime we sing our national anthem. That part that says “the labour of our heroes past” No doubt, he made impact and such it’s such that still speak till now. His words too well powerful and cannot be overlooked. Especially at a time like this.

It was Awolowo who made it known that time will come when the populace will arise and fight for themselves. Without any doubt, we are living in the time he saw decades of years ago. He was right, the pain has hit everyone of us and the only option is to rise. Today, we witness the long awaited prophecy being fulfilled right in our days.

Fela Anikulapo: Prophecy coming Through?

A great man once lived amidst us. He was all by himself a protester and anti bad governance. He wasn’t poor but he spoke for the poor. Till today, he still remains an emblem of struggle for a better Nigeria even after his death. As I passed by during the protest and I heard them playing his songs, I remembered how fought for good governance.

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Baba seventy as he is fondly called, is a prophet in another dimension. He threaded on this path, he was arrested several times and detained. A will to see a better Nigeria which is stronger than he himself was in control. That will has fallen on the youths. It’s older and stronger than the youths. The will is on a mission and it’s mission is better place for everyone.

Fela Durotoye: Prophecy Coming Through?

It’s more than a decade now when Fela Durotoye gave a prophecy about Nigeria. I was an undergraduate then and since then I kept the prophecy. I was and still looking ahead for the fulfilment of the prophecy. The love for the country has made me and several other people that heard them that night. With this end SARS, SWAT and bad governance campaign, something great is brewing for Nigeria.

Fela Durotoye said, God told him that “Nigeria will be the most desirable place to live in the world by the year 2025” Even he himself didn’t believe what he heard. According to him, he said God told he was saying what He would do and He wasn’t praying because there is no one He would pray to. The question is; is the prophecy coming through?

Apostle Arome Osayi: Prophecy Coming Through?

Apostle Arome Osayi said in his message how angels have been deployed into Nigeria. He added that from 1st October, 2020 there will be a cry in the nation and it won’t be business as usual. Now, there is cry in every nooks and crannies of the nation already to end all the bad things we know. The cry is spontaneous, massive and covers the entire landscape.

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There’s no doubt that this prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes and we all are partakers of it. He said Jesus will put His foot Nigeria. That’s a spiritual reformation that is about to take place or let say it’s already taking place. The country is going through a change and we pray it all end well.

The Outcome Matters

The outcome is what really matters. It’s a revolution that is growing day by day. Everyone is tired and pained by all the sufferings. We all have lost too much to remain in it. No one is thinking of go back until all demands are met. This is really hard for the ruling class to do. That’s where the issue is.

I must add that government needs wisdom and if it’s not well handled, it’s my prayer that this doesn’t lead to war. That will be a high price. Although freedom doesn’t come free, you have to ask for it. This is why we need both the prayer and peaceful protest. The prayer softens it while the peaceful protest keep driving to agenda until it is deliver.

I do hope we come out stronger as a nation or independent nations as United nations of Nigeria. Those are the two options we have. The earlier government realize it, the better. Let’s solve the problem once and for all. A word they say is enough for the wise. Shalom!

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