Nigeria and Deception: A Clarion Call

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The entire world lives and operate by too many deceptions. People are deceiving others and being deceived. Husbands, wives, clergy, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, employees, employers, professionals etc. The deceit is just wide spread. Nigeria and deception are fast becoming synonyms. That’s one of the major reasons responsible for deaths, failures, regression, stagnation, destruction etc.

The worse part of this is that people don’t value the truth. They prefer to move and hear from people that will feed them with lies. When they notice that you are too truthful, you’re either sidelined or made to pay for the wrong things other people did. At the end of the, people get punished for being truthful. This is why lots of people have joined the deception camp. 

It is so bad that there’s really no place for the truth in our world today. Even in religious circles where you expect the truth to reign. Both leaders and followers are deceiving each other. It’s the same for workplace, society, associations etc. There’s really no safe place for the truth. Everywhere is corrupted and truth has no advocate anymore. Even in our justice system, it’s worse there.

Even children are being brought up to live deceptively. Our training manuals have changed. Children are exposed to cunning attitudes right from tender age. Parents are living their deceptive lives in the presence of the children. The same thing goes for masters and apprentice. So deception has been added to every sort of training at home or in the workplace.

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Truth and righteousness has no reward anymore except from God. Today, there is no more reward for truth in our nations. If anyone do what’s right, such is seen as a fool. Sometimes, the person standing by the truth is even made to pay for the deception of others. No human is ready to favour truth or anyone standing by it. 

We need to go back to God. Irrespective of the religion, everyone upheld truth in the time past. Deception was not a choice in the past irrespective of your religious affiliation. Where did we get wrong? The love for wealth brought us this far. It’s a wrong direction and the repercussion won’t be good if something drastic is not done to redirect our focus off deception.

If we don’t do something to change the status quo, the works of our past heroes will be destroyed beyond measure. This is a solemn call for all and sundry. The life of deceptions is eating deep into the foundations of the work our past heroes suffered to build. If this go on unchecked for another 5-10 years, there maybe no more the country called Nigeria. This is the time act.

Every leader in one capacity or the other, here is time to act. The country is in its last days if we fail to act now. If allow this menace to destroy the whole of the foundation, there will be nothing left for all. Arise, God is waiting for our actions that He will work with. Let’s save the next generation so that we won’t have to tell a bitter story of once upon time Nigeria. Nigeria and deception must part ways.

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