The New Rules

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Dear esteemed reader,It’s a great pleasure to have you onboard once again. Although its been a while we appreciate your love and for checking back. For everyone who sent an email when our site was down, we say thank you. Lets take a look at the new rules.

It’s been a while I had wanted to share my thoughts on a few things. One of such things is what I have coined into the topic above “The new rules”. This discussion maybe phenomenal but if you look closely you will find it operating in every ramification of our existence. Ensure you read through till the end.

New Comes With Changes

It’s almost impossible to find things that are practically the same over the years. Everything keeps taking a new look, approach, processes etc. If they do, don’t you think we should change our dealings and interaction with them? Well, I think there is a need to see and do things differently if we intend to get results in this changing world.

In my own perspective, if the processes, look, approach etc change, then there is a need for new rules. If you combat new styled procedures, processes etc with the old rules, you’re not likely to have favorable results. This may explain why you have not been getting much result if you check. This may just be a time to check before you proceed.

Find The New Rules

When you find out that things have changed, its also a good time to find the new rules. If things are changing rapidly in your office, school, life etc then you have to start learning the new rules. Few years back when I was leaving the university for the labour market, I came across a book that showed me that there were new rules to job search. This greatly helped me. 

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Finally, my esteemed reader it is my wish that you read through this piece to discover and rediscover the new rules for your promotion, enlargement, business growth etc. Please beware of negative rules that will draw you into immorality and out of God’s presence. Before you apply any principle or rules, be sure that its Godly. Whatever that disturb your sense of peace with God is a no go area. 

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