Need A Job? 6 Places To Network For Jobs

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The job search market is a lot different from what it used to be. It is now more than just applying, preparing for interviews, and attending interviews. There are several other things that have been added if your job search is to be successful. One such newly added thing is networking. Networking for jobs is mainly the leverage on relationship to land your dream or available job. After all, working as an employee isn’t bad. So, in this piece, we shall look at the 6 places to network for jobs.

Social Media

Social media is like the second home of many people these days. People go there mainly for entertainment and business. Beyond these two functions, it can also be used for job hunting and networking. A lot of organizations now take their job vacancy announcement to social media, so you can join several organizations and job posting platforms on social media to get information. You can also network with HR personnel on social media for job openings.

Religious Organizations

People have always joined religious organizations and participated in their activities for different reasons. One of such is to network with people of timber and caliber for contracts and jobs. Well, if you are in need of a job, all you need to do is to spot people that can assist and talk to them. I got my very first job through this means more than a decade ago and still this work.

Professional Organizations

Being part of professional organizations in your discipline is also very key if you want to get engaged. Please note that merely joining a professional organization does not produce results, you need to be actively involved in the programs and activities of the professional organizations. That’s how to get yourself noticed by the people that matter and also show your professionalism.

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Professional Online Platform

Professional online platforms like LinkedIn is a great tool for job search. Lots of people have used it in the past to land great jobs. All you need is to create an impressive profile, check out job vacancies, do some courses, and network with human resources personnel there. In a short time, if you do it well, you will be able to land a job. Just read through the guideline for creating an impressive profile on the online professional platform that you feel like using. You can check out my Linkedin and let’s connect there.


I do believe you live in a community and though the idea of communal living is becoming a thing of the past if you can reach out to people, please do. It pays at the end of the day. Reach out to people that can assist and help you with your job search. Sometimes all you need is just information about a job opening and if you are able to get a recommendation, that’s great. Just leverage on the community and network with the people there for jobs.

Previous Workplace

This is one of the places people don’t want to network for jobs. Well, I have seen this works a lot of times. Though it also depends on why you left in the first place. If you left on good grounds without shutting the door completely at people there, they can still recommend you for positions especially if you are good at what you do. 

If you are at that point that you need to be gainfully employed, why not try these places to network for a job. If you need help with networking skills, make use of the online resources to acquaint yourself with networking skills. There is no other time to get started than now. Get started now!

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