My Thoughts On Relationship

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Relationship is key in life if we intend to be successful. It is of paramount importance as long as we intend to live our life to the fullest. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to live without a number of relationships. We are all born out of at least a relationship. Here is a few of my thoughts on Relationship.

A number of relationship are default. We do not have control over them. We just came by them and we have to live by them as well. These relationships may include father to child, mother to child, brother, sister etc. No one has control over these types of relationships, we wake up to find them that way.

We develop several relationships in our journey on earth. This range from workplace relationships, religious gathering, academic, social etc. All of these are needed not only to give form to our existence on earth but to also make life easier for us. It is important for us to know how to manage each relationship and as well check your thoughts on Relationship.

Four years ago, I discovered something about relationship which I will like to share. I discovered that relationship needs to be maintained in order to sustain it. Every relationship requires input before an output. Truth be told, you need to make sacrifices for the other person as well as the relationship.

Relationships can only be managed and sustained by giving. What exactly do you give? You give your love, time, money, gifts etc. That’s where the sacrifice comes into place. It is important that the giving comes from a willing and sincere heart. It is only with this that the relationship can truly grow.

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I also discovered that not all the relationships you have or will have requires intimacy. For some relationships, it is better engaged at a distant. I have seen some people doing fine at a distant only to get intimate and the relationship could not be sustained. This is because knowing people requires accepting them the way they are. Lots of people are quick to fight what they want.

Relationship requires all of you to create and sustain. Ask a mother what it took to create that mother to child relationship or ask the husband what it took to create the husband to wife relationship. So relationship is work and it will require a lot to work it out. If your relationship is on the verge of breaking, think about the work required and put it in with a sincere heart.

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