My Greatest Lesson For This Year’s Christmas 2021

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Christmas celebration has always been a low key for me, maybe because I am not the partying type. I have always used to the time to reflect on many things about Jesus. This year is not an exception and I am writing this to share my greatest lesson for this year’s Christmas.

There are many lessons in the story of Jesus birth and if our celebration is worth it, it would be that we reflect on the lessons more than the dance, drinks, and foods. After all, you have always being eating before now. So, the lessons are the most important things to meditate on at a time like this. Christmas is beyond rice and chicken.

The first lesson I will like to share is the fact that Jesus birth is been celebrated because He fulfilled God’s plan and purpose for His life. The celebration isn’t about the prophecies that came before He was born, it wasn’t about the miracles of His birth, it all about the fact that He fulfilled God’s agenda for His life.

The evidence of the fulfillment of the purpose of God for bringing Him on earth is that we are reconciled with the Father. Many are still being reconciled right now and many will still come. That’s because Jesus fulfilled His purpose as God ordained it. My esteemed reader, what are you doing to make sure that you fulfill God’s purpose for your life?

Take advantage of the season to engage God for revelation especially if you don’t know your purpose yet. Don’t be carried away with the wining and dining. Make this season, a season of purpose for you. Times like this should not just be about the merriment and the outings, engage God to reveal His plan for your life unto you.

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If you already know God’s plan for your life, may I ask how far you have gone with it? At what level or stage are you and how much you been able to do in your God’s given assignment? Remember, we celebrate the birth of Jesus today because He fulfilled God’s plan and purpose for His life. Jesus did His own, now is your time to do your own!

Join me tomorrow for the second lesson which is my greatest lesson for this Christmas. I want to use this opportunity to invite you to join Pastor Enoch Durotoye in 40 days of purpose in January 2022. It will be an online teaching in the evenings. Kindly indicate interest so as to provide you with further information.

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