Movements And Progress

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In the last few days, two concepts have been running through my mind and I will like to share. It’s about movements and progress. I will like to hear from you too in the comment section after reading through.

We all know what movements and progress mean. These are our everyday words. The two words show a state of advancement from one point or level to another. However, there’s a slight difference. That slight difference is all that matters.

Movements is best explained with motion. It’s a shift from a place or point to another. This only talks about the motion. It doesn’t show if it’s backward, sideways or forward. It only indicates a change in position. If we look at the concept more closely, we can see this play out in our everyday life. Sometimes we take decisions in our career, family, business etc that May simply translate to movements after a careful analysis.

Progress on the other hand means that the movements are truly leading to way forward and making positive impact in our lives. Not all movements lead to progress but there can’t be progress without movements. You can have lots of movements that can keep you on the same spot after a careful analysis. So, don’t be satisfied with activities until it translate to progress in whatever you are doing.

It’s quite easy to confuse movements with progress. That happens when you are carried away with the tons of movements without a careful analysis of the true impact on your life. Personally, I have result to canceling somethings because I just realized that they weren’t helping me to make progress. Some looked like a great movements but progress what I need. So as the year gradually closes, take a time out ask yourself if you have been making progress or it’s just movements all along.

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Don’t wait for the year to end before you begin to make changes. Start now. Analyze the things you considered as a way forward now and see for yourself. Let the knowledge help you to begin a new life ahead of the new year. Preparation to maximize next year begins now. Never again should you be carried away by meaningless movements. Be intentional about your everyday living, decisions, involvement and activities.

To your success!

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