More Lessons From The Seeds

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In the last article, we discussed messages from the seeds. I do hope you find that piece inspiring, educative and enlightening. If you are yet to read it, please click here to read it before you continue. I feel a strong need to continue the discussion. So, here are more lessons from the seeds. It is my prayer that God will transform your life with these lessons.

Humble Beginning of The Seeds

If you have ever held a seed in your hand, you will discover that the size of the seeds is nothing compared to the tree it produces and it is so small to the food it gives. What does this mean? It means your present status is not a determinant of how great you can be. Think about the seed of an orange. Think about the size of the seed and compared it to the size of the tree that grows out of it. You may be small or nothing right now but I am sent to tell you that you are like that seed, when you grow out, people will marvel at how far you have come.

The Process

Take a look at any seed, there is no seed that looks like the tree it eventually produces. If you have seen a seed that looks like the tree it produces, please let me know in the comment box. Every seed that grew into a tree transformed into one because they went through the process. I have always shared with my students that God uses the process to transform us into what He planned for us. For as many that do not want to take part in the process but want the proceeds, please note that it doesn’t work that way. Every time you eat food, be reminded that you are having that meal because some seeds went through the process. Whatever you want to become, a process is what will take you there. Keep it in mind.

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The Possibilities of The Seeds

Once in a while when I walk around, the big trees and I wonder how big the roots will be underground. Well, both the visible and invisible parts of the tree all grew out of the seed. What an amazing God! If we can see the great potentials we have, the great things that can evolve out of our lives, we will appreciate God the more. The thing about how many oranges and seeds a tree will produce in its lifetime! That’s how much of a potential a seed can offer. That’s the way God planted Jesus Christ and today we have billions of Christians and still counting. It’s true that you have just one life to live but there is a great potential that can evolve from your life.

The Potentials of The Seeds

I have had to recheck trees and I discovered that lots of potentials in the seeds found expression when the seeds were planted. Think about the different parts of the plants and their functions. How about the orderliness of work in each body part? In the small seed planted, every part of the trees was present including the fruits but it can only be seen in the eyes of the heart of the planter. Your life is the seed and you are the planter, how far can you see? Don’t throw away the seeds because of their size, thousands of fruits and other seeds are in the seed. They can also be used for other products. If seeds can carry this much potential, how much more you a living soul.

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I hope you have learned something from this piece. If you have, please share your thoughts and comments in the comment box. Please don’t forget to share it with loved ones and across social media platforms. There are still more lessons from the seeds, we shall discuss actionable lessons from the seeds in our next article. Stay tuned, stay blessed and remember to check my ebooks here.