Moments Matter

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In life, there are certain moments one should not joke with. This is because of the great value they either create or take away from one’s life. Therefore, all moments are not exactly the same. Don’t ever think or live with the notion that it’s just another time, day, season, month or year as usual. Be sensitive to the times!

While lots of seconds, minutes, hours or days may pass without any special feeling or required action, there are times you will need to take or avoid certain actions. If you will ever be successful in life some moments are crucial and require certain steps or inaction. For some, if a wrong step or action is taken, it may mar your life for the next five, ten or even twenty years.

Interestingly, if you take advantage of some moments appropriately, it may simply mean the end of a long-term suffering and welcome to a new season. Some moments may even offer you an immediate impact depending on whether you did the right thing or not. Some other moments may take years before you begin to see the impact of your choice of action or inaction.

A man that cannot pick and discern times is twice dangerous to himself than to the people around him and his entire generation. Every moments are not the same and they will never carry the same value. Don’t trade your moments of greatness for your lackadaisical lifestyle. You need to wake up before it’s too late.

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Yes, I understand you have prayed so fervently and even fasted along side. You have done every other thing to prepare your way into greatness but if you don’t take this seriously, the change you desire may never come. In our next piece, we shall discuss more about how to harness our moments for our life advancement.

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