Moments Matter (3)

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Once again, I will like to appreciate you for checking back on this series. I do hope you are getting one or two things to work with. If you haven’t read the first two articles, I will suggest you read them before going to this third piece.

In this piece, we shall take a look at tools you can use to make the most of your moments. There are a number of them, we shall discuss one per time. Although we may not exhaust the whole list of the tools, I don’t claim to know them all. We shall discuss two to three as time permits but I promise they will be the very important ones.

The very first tool you need is to be a spiritual man or woman. I know this may be strange to some people while some will agree with me that it’s true. Whether you agree or not, the world in which we live is spiritual. Right from the foundation of the earth till the present time, it’s spiritual. I know you have been thought to see everything in the light of science and common sense but the truth remains that the world is spiritual. If you intend to make anything good out of life, you must be spiritual.

There are several things that will tell you that the world is spiritual. Even if you want to deny them, they are as clear as crystal. For instance, by what science is the heaven held up there. At least, no one has seen any pole or pillar that is used to support the clouds. That’s spiritual, it’s not ordinary. Has science reviewed how the spirit in man leaves him when he dies and the spiritual journeys? These things reveal that the world is spiritual.

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Interestingly, some people deceive fellow humans that the world is ordinary and scientific but they themselves seek help or partner with spirits to survive on earth. Don’t be deceived. Even in corporate organizations where people put on suits and speak phonetics. If you know what they do behind closed doors, you will be blown away. That’s because they know that the spiritual controls the physical.

So, what exactly do I mean by becoming spiritual? I mean that you have to get a spirit involved in your life. There are things you need to understand, see and do with the guidance of a spirit. A spirit has to be involved. Sometimes, it takes a spirit to prepare you for some moments. Some other times, it is only by the help of a spirit you can understand a moment and the emphasis of that moment.

There are several spirits people partner with. I must sound a note of warning here so that you don’t move from frying pan to fire. Only the spirit of God is worth it. partnering with. Every other spirit will enslave you and take back everything you will ever get through them plus your soul. They are also limited, when you get to the peak of what they can do, you will need to partner with another higher spirit to continue. Why the stress when you can have it all with the spirit of God.

The spirit of God is the only spirit that can help you maximize your life. The spirit of God is what empowers life. You cannot partner with the spirit of God outside the government and administration of Jesus Christ. The first step is to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. As you follow Jesus, the spirit of God knows as Holy Spirit will be your guide and the custodian of your experiences.

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Today is another day and God is reaching out to you today through this post. I hope you will not refuse God. God is standing at the door of your life, I hope you will let Him in. With Jesus, you will have both lived here on earth and everlasting life which is eternal life. Come to Jesus today and make a part with Him now. Irrespective of whatever you may have done or gone through, Jesus is ready to accept you. Ask for forgiveness of your sins and dedicate yourself to Him. If you will like to talk to us, send us an email, at

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