Making The Year 2022 Count With Self-programs

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Still, in the aura of the new year, permit me to greet you with a happy new year if you haven’t read or heard that from me. Yesterday, we started a series on making the year 2022 great. If you haven’t read yesterday’s piece, click here. Today, let’s see making the year 2022 count with self-program.

It is said that many go into a new year without any plan for the days, weeks, and months in it. It means there is nothing to live for in the year. Oh, I get it, you just want to live it as it comes. Well, champions and winners don’t live that like that. They plan their success. If you plan nothing, you get nothing. That may be the reason last year was not much productive for you.

Evaluate Before 2022

By now you should have examined your 2021 and see how far you went. See how much of your goals were achieved and why you were unable to achieve them. If you can’t measure yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure. Your success begins with you measuring how much you have done. So, if you haven’t evaluated your 2021 yet, you are late. Do it today, never let today end without you doing it!

You need to leave no stone unturned as you evaluate your 2021. For instance, I had earlier planned to write three books in 2021. After writing the first two, I encountered a stumbling block which is finance to publish them. I didn’t want that to stop me from reaching my goal, so I published them as ebooks. At the end of the year, I had published four ebooks.

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While I met and exceeded my goal in that line, there are areas I did badly. So, I am not showing myself as a superstar. For instance, I didn’t do well in finance at all, and that affected a great part of my goal for last year. So, by evaluating you will see where you missed it and the reasons you missed it. Those are the two important reasons why you need to evaluate.

Begin 2022 With A Vision And Plan

I will like you to know that year 2022 is not a year you just go through without a vision and plan for it. The question is what are you going to live for in 2022? You can’t just be waking up and sleeping every day in 2022 without a compass. Far be it from you after reading through this page. This is the first point to begin your journey in 2022. You must have a vision and plans that will help you to fulfill it.

Writing a vision and making it plain is what will make you run with it. There are things you need to know about writing the vision for the year. The vision must be specific, simple, and measurable. You need to understand this very well if you must write a vision and plans that will work. For assistance on how to go about this. You may read a piece on this, click here to read more.

You can only make the year 2022 count with a self-program when you have a vision and plans to execute it. The vision must cover all areas of your life which may include but are not limited to spiritual, finance, health, career, etc. Make sure your vision and plans cover all. If you do nothing, you will get nothing. So start one now if you don’t have any vision yet.

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The Year 2022 Is For Pleasant Surprises

Even though the year is declared a year of pleasant surprises for all our readers. If you are part of my SMS list, you would have read that in the new year greetings sent across. It will be different pleasant surprises for the whole year in Jesus’ name. Remember, the year 2022 was a great year. Because things you that haven’t been yielding results before will yield great results in this year.

The truth is that God will help you as you do your part. If you are not doing anything, God’s blessing will come on your nothing too. This is why you need a vision and plans to work with this year if this year will count for you. It is while you are working within the plans to achieve the vision that God will be bringing pleasant surprises for you. A word, they say, is enough for the wise!